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Art & Design

Art & Design

Learning Journey

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The creative sector is currently the fastest and most profitable area of growth in the UK economy. As a highly successful Art and Design department we aim to develop and instil a wide range of artistic skills, courses, and the benefits they each promote, for all students to explore. This is done with an aim to produce work ready creative professionals. We are a team of highly qualified art specialists crafting courses and supporting and nurturing talent enabling students to pursue their dreams and future destinations. Historically we have had tremendous success, at both GCSE and A Level, and we will continue in the same direction in the future.

Keystage 3

In KS3 students experience a variety of Art disciplines.

Detailed Curriculum Information


AQA Art and Design – Art and Design is exciting and dynamic and allows you to develop your Art skills in all different directions. You will have access to a fantastic range of materials and techniques that will inspire you to create your own unique pieces of work. This subject is excellent if you want to follow any career path in Art and is an excellent foundation to study at a higher level. Come along and be part of our fantastic team that goes the extra mile to make sure you achieve your best.

AQA 3D Art and Design – 3D Art and Design is an amazing GCSE! If you choose 3D Art you will still have access to all of the wonderful painting and drawing techniques that you will want to develop and also show you how to design using artistic techniques and produce a 3D outcome using clay that you will be very proud of. The subject is excellent if you are thinking about becoming a designer in the arts or an architect. Your talents will also be nurtured in a purpose build ceramic studio allowing the best 3D outcomes to be realised.

AQA Photography – If you would like to challenge yourselves artistically and creatively, experimenting with a variety of photographic media then choose GCSE Photography. The subject will provide you with a foundation of skills which will be invaluable if you seek to pursue a career in the creative industries. We take pride in our enjoyable, creative, hard-working college like atmosphere.

AQA Art textiles – Art textiles enables students to explore the whole creative process – from finding inspiration, gathering source materials, choosing a theme, developing original and creative designs. You will explore traditional and contemporary fabrics and materials, right through to experimenting with a wide range of techniques and turning your own ideas into successful stitched textile art.

Detailed Curriculum Information

Sixth Form

AQA A Level Art and Design with Textiles – This particular course is tailored to challenge and stretch creative and artistic minds. Art and Design, at A Level, builds on from previous artistic knowledge and practice and further extends and deepens personal investigations into materials, techniques, methods and experimentation in pursuit of truly independent and artistically sophisticated outcomes.

AQA A level Photography – A Level Photography aims to deliver a finger on the pulse qualification into a somewhat rapidly evolving digital creative sector. This course builds independence, creativity with a real world employment view. A Level photography arms students with an array of technically advanced digital skills to aid progression into further education and employment in creative industries.

AQA A level 3D Art and Employment – 3D Art and Employment an Art A Level that has it all. You will still be taught how to draw, paint and experiment using a variety of art materials, but you will also get the opportunity to design and think about how you can turn your artwork into an actual object. This course focuses on 3D Art techniques and you will get the opportunity to work with clay and will be taught, coiling, slab forms, sculpture, throwing etc. This art A Level is highly recognised by all universities for those who wish to study from Fine Art, design to Architecture.

AQA A level Graphic Design – If you are looking to pursue a career in the creative sector or further build on already artistic skills you already poses, Graphic Design is a realistic option. Everything on the planet has been designed at some point. When you consider everything you have ever seen, have purchased or even considered purchasing: such items have been specially designed to appeal and impress in a multitude of ways. Where would we be without design? If you can think creatively and would like to challenge yourself artistically, with a clear sight on creative employment, Graphic Design allows you to develop relevant skills and take your creative ideas on a journey to believable commercial outcomes.

Detailed Curriculum Information