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A young person’s career is their pathway through learning and work.

All young people need a planned programme of activities throughout their school years to equip them to make choices that are right for them and to be able to manage their careers throughout their lives.

At English Martyrs we aim to equip our students with the knowledge, skills and attributes to make the most of changing opportunities in learning and work.  It is important that students are enabled to make informed decisions about pre 16 routes and the relevant pathways to support their longer term plans. We have a planned programme in Keystage 3, Keystage 4 and Keystage 5 and work to the Gatsby Benchmarks and the Careers Statutory Guidance January 2018.

We provide a varied and extensive careers education and support programme to our students and give impartial information, advice and guidance.  We have professionally qualified careers staff based in school to support both our secondary and sixth form students.

As part of meeting our students needs and supporting their careers development, we have purchased the careers portal Grofar.  Students have been sent an invite via their school email account and once registered can take control of their careers planning.  This system allows students to do many things such as view and feedback their career activities, access careers resources and request information from the careers team.

Included within our website are the best web links for careers articles, advice from careers specialists and recognised careers websites.  You will find resources to cover all of the popular careers queries and different careers pathways.  If however, you do not find what you are looking for please do not hesitate to contact the careers office:


Year 7, 8 & 9

Students in Y9 attend a variety of subject taster sessions in school during the spring term. The normal timetable is collapsed for these activities to support students with their pathway options. 

Students also participate in a variety of in school and external activities and events throughout Keystage 3 to explore careers in a variety of sectors. 

Below are examples of our KS3 activities:

      • Vocations Day
      • ASBAD
      • Enterprise Day

Year 10 & 11

Students participate in a variety of in school and external activities, assemblies and events in keystage 4 to support their career ideas and exploration. All students are offered a one to one careers guidance meeting with our qualified and impartial careers guidance team.  This meeting provides impartial information, advice and guidance to support your child.

Below are some of KS4 activities:

      • College Taster Days  
      • Employers Fair  
      • Mock Interview  
      • Choices Event

Year 12 & 13 (Sixth Form)

Students attend a variety of events, assemblies and seminars to support their ideas, plans and preparations in HE, employment and training.  These include a comprehensive and bespoke support package for university, apprenticeship and employment.  Each student is offered 1:1 guidance and two university visits.  Students are given the opportunity to attend work experience and support through student finance, supported progression, Oxbridge and medic requirements.

Below are some of our KS5 activities:

      • UCAS Convention
      • EPQ
      • Oxbridge Residential
      • Work Experience

The English Martyrs Catholic School and Sixth Form College has an implemented Careers Policy and Careers Statement for Alternative Provider Access which we work to. We work within the Careers Statutory Guidance Policy 2018 and the Gatsby Benchmarks and aim to achieve the Careers Quality Award by 2023. We annually audit our careers provision using the Careers and Enterprise Auditing Tool and work closely with them to develop and operate our careers programme. We are an active member of Future Me and work with NERAP.

School Careers Programme

We aim to enable our students to develop the personal skills to become effective and independent career planners, who are able to make informed decisions in preparation for moving on to their next steps into further and higher education, training and employment.

 Careers preparations are done in the following ways:

      • Understanding yourself
      • Self-Development
      • Career Research and Exploration
      • Career Planning
      • Employability Skills
      • Encouraging students to develop an understanding of themselves and the influences on them
      • Instilling an ethos of self- determination and self-improvement as a learner
      • Learning about careers and the world of work
      • Making the most of careers information, advice and guidance
      • Learning how to make and adjust plans to manage change and transition.
      • Developing basic employability skills including showing initiative and enterprise
      • Handling the application and selection process
      • Developing personal financial capability

Careers Education and Work Related Learning is delivered through our tutor time citizenship sessions, assemblies and planned events in and out of school. Each year group from Y7 to Y11 has planned activities to develop and build on your child’s careers research, exploration and planning are central to this delivery and are fully supported by our CEIAG team.

Your child’s tutor will regularly discuss their career aspirations with them and the links between progress in school and their pathways into future education and employment.

Our careers policy can be viewed here

A child is never too young to be thinking about their future plans and aspirations. Students who have clear personal goals and career ambitions are more likely to make progress in school, attain good exam results and secure an appropriate pathway to a fulfilling and happy future.

Aspirations and career plans may develop and alter significantly between year 7 and 13 but having an on-going dialog about possible higher education and career choices can improve motivation, enthusiasm, increase aspirations and develop goal for all students.

What you can do

It will be really valuable if you have conversations with your child about their career plans. Even an informal chat is good but if you want to give them more advice or just want to find out about a particular career or University choice.

What are your options after School or College?

For advice for School Leavers click here
For advice for College Leavers click here

The following sites are packed full of useful information.

Some jobs and apprenticeships require applicants to carry out a Psychometric Test as part of the interview process.

Sames of these tests can be found here.

Hartlepool College of Further Educationwww.hartlepoolfe.ac.ukVocational full courses, apprenticeships, centre of excellence for engineering, construction skills academy, sports academies
Hartlepool Sixth Form Collegewww.hartlepoolsfc.ac.ukPart of Sunderland College, mainly A Levels, T- Levels, vocational short courses and full courses. sports academies
English Martyrs Sixth Form College (EMS6)www.ems6college.orgA Levels and vocational short courses, engineering elite programme
Proactive Trainingwww.pro-activetraining.co.ukConstruction - Brickwork, Joinery, Plastering
Catcote Academywww.catcoteschool.co.ukSpecialist Sixth Form College
Learning Curve Beauty Academywww.learningcurvegroup.co.uk/landing/Hartlepool-Beauty-AcademyVocational full courses
East Durham College - Peterleewww.eastdurham.ac.ukVocational Courses, construction industry technical academy, Peter Jones enterprise academy, apprenticeships, T-Levels, sports academies
East Durham College - Houghall
www.eastdurham.ac.ukAnimal and Land-based courses
Stockton Riverside Collegehttps://www.stockton.ac.ukVocational full courses particularly noted for Performing Arts & Aviation (airport and Cabin Crew), T-Levels, apprenticeships
SRC - Bede Sixth Formwww.stockton.ac.uk/bedePart of Stockton Riverside College, Bede offers mostly A levels, vocational short and full courses, T-Levels and sport academies
Middlesbrough Collegewww.mbro.ac.ukPart of Stockton Riverside College, Bede offers mostly A levels, vocational short and full courses, T-Levels and sport academies
Cleveland College of Art & Designwww.northernart.ac.ukVarious one and two year courses at levels 1,2 & 3 in subjects such as: Art & Design, Creative and Media, Fashion and Clothing, Photography
TTE - Engineering Collegewww.tte.co.ukPart of Middlesbrough College, TTE is a specialist engineering college. Vocational courses and apprenticeships
NETA - Engineering Collegewww.neta.co.ukPart of Stockton College – Specialist engineering courses and apprenticeships
Askham Bryan Collegewww.askham-bryan.ac.ukAnimal and Land-based courses

2020/2021 – This year our local colleges and training providers have not published their open events at the beginning of the academic year, they are instead releasing dates individually. Each college are arranging their events differently, some are offering bookable face to face tours while others are offering ‘Virtual’ events.

Please refer to their individual websites for information on their forthcoming events. Which can be found here and in your child’s Year 11 Careers Teams Platform.

If you have finished your studies, whether that is after School or College and want to get straight into employment then here’s a list of sites that many companies advertise with:

An entrepreneur is an individual who, rather than working as an employee, starts and runs their own business.  Being your own boss, can be liberating and rewarding. The entrepreneur is commonly seen as an innovator, a source of new ideas, goods, services and business/or procedures.

Entrepreneurs play a key role in any economy, they are people who have the skills and initiative necessary to anticipate current and future needs and bring good new ideas to market. Entrepreneurs who prove to be successful in taking on the risks of a start-up are rewarded with profits and continued growth opportunities.

For a young person, there are lots of support services and grants available if you plan on starting your own business. 

Note: If you are under 18 you will find it difficult to raise finance and will need to incorporate recognised training as part of your business.

What is the difference between Apprenticeship & Traineeship?

Traineeships are designed to help people who want to move into an apprenticeship or a job. Unlike apprentices, trainees don’t yet have some essential skills like English and maths, or have limited work experience. The traineeship aims to provide them with these.

Traineeships last anything up to a maximum of six months, unlike apprenticeships, which go on for a number of years.

Traineeships may also be unpaid (it is left up to the employer to make that decision) and are not subject to minimum wage laws, unlike apprenticeships, which legally must be paid and meet the Apprentice National Minimum Wage. Those doing a traineeship will either still be in education, or may qualify for the 16-19 bursary fund.

Useful Websites

Local Market Intelligence and information (LMI) can be used to determine what jobs are and will be available in different sectors.  It shows sector growth, demand and sectors in decline.

Useful Websites

Research shows how much experiences with employers help to prepare young people for their futures. There are many ways your business can inspire young people by connecting them with work experiences and workplace opportunities.

Employers are key when it comes to providing real life experiences for young people to learn more about the world of work. As a business you could:

  • Promote your existing work experience opportunities for young people through our careers office
  • You could volunteer your time in a way that suits you to make a huge impact on young people in your area

Would you like to get involved ?

Become a Business Ambassador for your school and college to increase engagement with business. You could do this by Volunteering for Mock Interviews, Employers Fair, Mentoring, Work Experience, Industry tours, Subject Talks

Why volunteer? Becoming a business volunteer can help you:

  • Network
  • Promote your work to the community
  • Develop your skills
  • Vetts potential employees
  • Advertises your organisation and opportunities
  • Share your expertise

If you would like to discuss ways of joining our Business Ambassador network please email our Head of Careers and WRL: Jo Liddell - Jliddell@ems.bhcet.org.uk

English Martyrs  School and Sixth Form College work with over one hundred and twenty local organisations who support us to inform, educate and inspire our students in a variety of events such as work experience, employers fairs and industry events.

As well as being on hand to guide and support our students every day, our dedicated careers team are always on hand during parents evenings, open evenings and results days.

You can contact any of them with questions or queries using the information below.

Ms Jo Liddell
Head of Careers and Work-Related Learning
01429 273790 ext300

Mrs Bev Scaife
CIAG Officer
01429 273790 ext 304

Mrs Tracy Russell
CIAG Assistant