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The House Cross Country race has been a popular event throughout the years, however, with the new school being built and then a pandemic we haven't been able to host the event with all year groups competing for a long time.

Well for 2021, it was back and all year groups were taking part in the gruelling cross country race.

The rain was pouring and the ground was soggy, but that didn't dampen the spirits, smiles or enthusiasm of our 87 runners battling it out for the points and Cross Country Shield.

In a house race, the top places are for bragging rights only - this is a team effort.

Each runner is awards points depending on their place finish in each race.  All the points accrued by runners in each house are calculated together.  The house with the overall lowest points wins.

House Total Points Overall Position House Points
Boste 297 1st 8
Clitherow 339 3rd 3
Ingram 315 2nd 5
Line 388 5th 1
More 351 4th 2

All the competitors ran excellently in awful conditions.  Well done everyone.

There are over 100 images of the event in the Gallery.

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The first annual House Golf Competition took place on Thursday 8th July.

The 16 competitors made up of staff, students, parents and former students, took part in a round of 18 holes on the Championship Course at Wynyard Golf Club.

The competition, aptly named The P McMahon Trophy, has been introduced to celebrate the retirement of Mr McMahon who introduced the House system during his time as Deputy headteacher.

Mr McMahon led the competition with the first tee shot with everyone playing for House Points & The House Golf Trophy with smaller prizes available for the best score, longest drive and nearest the pin.

The results of the evening are as follows:

1st - St. Anne Line -  S Navin
2nd  - St Thomas More - H Norris
3rd  - St Thomas More - T Lynagh
Longest Drive - P Lynagh
Nearest Pin -P Lynagh

Thank you to all who competed and Wynyard Golf Club for hosting us.

There are a selection of pictures in the Gallery

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On Wednesday 9th June 2021, it was pots and pans at the ready as our House Leaders organised a Masterchef competition.. The rules of the competition were simple and quite challenging!

"Create a two-course menu for two people with a budget of £5 with just 75 minutes to prepare, cook and serve the menu to our hungry judges. Only one team per house was allowed to enter the competition and each team was to be comprised of two year seven students and one member of staff.  Receipts had to be submitted before the cooking began" Let's Cook!

St. Anne Line, whose team was made up of Mrs Blaylock from the RE Department and students Dylan Weldon and Taylor Considine, produced a starter of Crispy Cajun Potato Wedges with a Sour Cream and Chive Dip. For main course, they served up a classic Spaghetti Bolognese.  Our judging panel, we'll tell you about them later, really enjoyed the dishes, however, would have liked a little more seasoning and a slice or two of garlic bread.

House Masterchef 2021 (45)
House Masterchef 2021 (46)

Poppy Paylor and Jenny Picken drafted in the expertise of technology teacher Miss Sanderson to try and win it for St. Margaret Clitherow. Their main course of Mixed Herb Chicken on a Bed of Creamy Mash with Asparagus, Creamy Mustard Sauce and Balsamic Glaze sure looked tasty.  This was followed by an Eton Mess with a Twist for dessert.  Our judges loved the main course, however, were left in a bit of a spin with the pudding and wouldn't preferred a classic version.

House Masterchef 2021 (47)
House Masterchef 2021 (48)

Mrs Phenix-Norman teamed up with Christy Howe and Finley McGeorge to represent St. John Boste and try and please our picky judges. They offered up a Quorn Creamy Chicken Pie with Puff Pastry Top.  Twice cooked Chips, Buttered Spring Greens with a jug of Chicken Gravy.  For dessert, a Dark Chocolate Mousse, Caramelised Apple Tarte Tatin with Double Cream. Our judges loved the pie with the salty greens and the smooth mousse, but did they love it enough to win? We'll see!

House Masterchef 2021 (40)
House Masterchef 2021 (41)

Blessed John Ingram needed a solid menu to try and scrape some points back in the league table.  Mrs Stirk donned an apron to support Izzy Atkinson and Layla Gibson. They cooked up a Five Spiced Paprika Chicken with a Feta, Tomato, Sweetcorn & Spring Onion stuffed Jacket Potato.  This was accompanied with a Oreo Mug Cake with Cream and Marshmallows. The judges thought the chicken 'was amazing' and the dessert was 'moreish', however, the jacket was a little hard. Sounds to me like they just needs a sharper knife.

House Masterchef 2021 (35)
House Masterchef 2021 (37)

St. Thomas More, our house points leaders, were ready to cook up a storm and keep that lead at the top. Mrs Bell teamed up with Tilly Denning and Saffron Lee to serve up Chicken & Chorizo skewers with Mediterranean Vegetables. For dessert, a classic Eton Mess made with Summer Berries. The judges thought the main needed a sauce, however, the Eton Mess was just what they wanted.

House Masterchef 2021 (43)
House Masterchef 2021 (56)

Our judging panel comprised of Head of Sixth Form, Mrs Hogarth.  Mrs Carr, who manages the cleaning team and Year 10 Pastoral Manager, Mrs Williamson. After they had worked their way around the meals, they adjourned to make their decision while the students waited in anticipation and Mr Corcoran finished eating John Ingrams's leftover marshmallows.

The judges praised all the students and gave feedback before delivering the result.

Fifth place was awarded to Anne Line with Margaret Clitherow coming fourth. Next came Thomas More, the classic Eton Mess not enough to get the sway the judges for a higher finish. Blessed John Ingram to come second with the team from John Boste taking the maximum points in first place.

All the students and staff did an amazing job and there was a lot of laughter and fun along the way.  Well done and thank you to everyone who took part.

There are more pictures in the Gallery

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We are thrilled to introduce our newly appointed House & Sports Captains for 2021-22.

House and Sports Captains represent the student voice of their houses and are also required to attend and support events in school.

All Year 10 students were given the opportunity to apply for the roles and then interviewed for the positions by House Leaders, Mrs Chapman & Mrs Williamson.

The staff were blown away with the professionalism and passion that the students put into their applications and interviews. All of the students performed exceptionally.  It was a tough decision, however, the students occupying the roles are on the slides below.

Congratulations to them all.

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On Tuesday 30th November 2020 students took part in our annual House Advent Wreath Making Competition.

Back for its fifth successive year, the popular competition gives five groups of students, one from each house, the chance to get creative as they roll up their sleeves and dive into the task of creating an Advent Wreath in just forty-five minutes. It is not just bragging rights at stake, they are all chasing that winning top spot and bagging the maximum amount of points for their house.

In a normal year, this would be a mixture of students from various year groups in each house team, however, with the ongoing pandemic we have had to change it up a little.  To keep students safe, only Year 10 students took part this year as they are in a bubble.

House points are awarded throughout the year for various competitions, events and for core school achievements such as Attendance. You can read more about House Points, how they are awarded and the current totals here.

After 45 minutes of cutting, shaping, snipping and glitter flying everywhere, our five wreaths were complete and ready to be scored by our team of judges.  The five finished wreaths are below….Who is your winner?  Results below!


After a lengthy adjudication, it was time to announce the results.

In this year’s competition St. Margaret Clitherow took the top spot, improving on their third place finish in last years competition.

Two-time competition winners St. John Boste could only match their performance of 2019 taking second place.

St. Anne Line, who won the competition last year, came in third, overall points leaders Blessed John Ingram took fourth with St. Thomas More’s entry finishing fifth.

Again, in a normal year, the finished wreaths would be displayed in various locations around the school and lit in assemblies, however, we are not having assemblies at present so the finished wreaths were taken home by staff.

Well done to everyone who took part. The wreaths this year are some of the best we have ever had over the years and any of them could have been worthy winners in previous years.

Head over to our Gallery for a selection of pictures from the event.

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Following on from the success of the Year 8 House Cross Country competition – it was time for our eager Year 7 students to take part in their first house sporting competition.

Traditionally, it is a large mixed year group race, however, with the current climate we are holding a couple of smaller races to keep students in their bubbles.

It was the boys who took on the three long lap run first with Finlay Elsdon, after leading most of the race, first to cross the line.  Close on his heels the whole trip was Lewis Campbell and he took second place. Lewis Brown finished the gruelling course in third position. A fantastic effort by all.

While the boys were catching their breath, it was the girls turn to take on the course.  I don’t think we’ve ever seen a more dramatic finish in a cross country than what was served up by Isabelle Holvey and Daisy McDonald.  Daisy led the whole race until the last few strides were Isabelle pipped her on the line to take first place. A brilliant contest and battle for the win.  Saffron Lee completed her race just behind the top two to take a worthy third place.

In a house race, the top places are for bragging rights only – this is a team effort.  The points are awarded on overall finishes by the house team.  Each place is awarded points, the points are added and the house with the most points wins. So the points awarded for the race are:

Boys Result Overall: 1st – Ingram (8 points) / 2nd – More (5 points) / 3rd – Boste (3 points) / 4th – Line (2 points) / 5th – Clitherow (1 point)

Girls Results Overall: 1st – Ingram (8 points) / 2nd – More (5 points) / 3rd – Boste (3 points) / 4th – Line (2 points) / 5th – Clitherow (1 point)
With two overall wins in the Year 7 competition and a win for the Year 8 Boys – Blessed John Ingram take the Cross Country Shield for the first time since the shield was introduced in 2009.
Mr Hope was out taking pictures again and has added loads of pictures in the Gallery.

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The House Cross Country race has been a popular event throughout the years, however, with the new school being built we haven’t been able to host the event.  Well for 2020, it’s back and it was literally a race for points as Year 8 were the first to take on the gruelling cross country course.

Traditionally, it is a large mixed year group race, however, with the current climate we are holding a couple of smaller races to keep students in their bubbles.

First up it was Year 8 Boys who took on the three long lap run with Ewan Purdy first to cross the line.  He was closely followed by Will Clapham in second with Daniel Porritt in third.  While the boys were catching their breath, it was the girls turn to take on the course.  Again, a close run race, however, first place was claimed by Scarlett Johnson who had a healthy lead over Amelia Johnson in Second.  A solid run from Ava Watson meant she completed the top three.

In a house race, the top places are for bragging rights only – this is a team effort.  The points are awarded on overall finishes by the house team.  Each place is awarded points, the points are added and the house with the most points wins. So the points awarded for the race are:

Boys Result Overall: 1st – Ingram (8 points) / 2nd – Boste (5 points) / 3rd – Line (3 points) / 4th – More (2 points) / 5th – Clitherow (1 point)

Girls Results Overall: 1st – More (8 points) / 2nd – Ingram (5 points) / 3rd – Line (3 points) / 4th – Boste (2 points) / 5th – Clitherow (1 point)
All the competitors ran excellently in freakishly hot weather for September.  There’s loads of pictures in the Gallery.

Next up: Year 7 are taking on the course (weather permitting) on Monday 28th September

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With restricted movement and socialising in school our calendar of House Activities will look a little different this year, however, our fantastic and undeterred team of House Leaders have already hosted our first event of the new year.

On Wednesday 9th September 2020 the ever popular Year 7-9 House Quiz was held with a bit of a difference.

Normally, we would have ten teams (two teams for each house) and the students would battle it out in the hall, however, to keep everyone safe, this year we held three simultaneous year group quizzes in different locations.

Over eight rounds of questions, with topics including TV & Film, Sport, Flags & Music, 10 students from each year group took up the challenge and charged up the brain cells to compete for their houses with all of the scores being pooled to create our result.

Last years’ quiz champions St. Anne Line were out to defend their crown and they did so with style putting them on the top spot of the House Points table, the same position they finished the end of the last academic year, lifting the trophy for the very first time.

Second place was clinched by St. John Boste closely followed by St. Thomas More in Third.  Margret Clitherow matched their quiz result from 2019 finishing fourth place again, with Blessed John Ingram coming in fifth.The scores from the individual competitions are as follows:

Year 7 – AL 16 / TM 16 / JI 15 / JB 14 / MC 5

Year 8 – AL 24 / JB 21 / TM 19 / MC 16 / JI 6

Year 9 – AL 25 / JB 18 / TM 15 / MC 7 / JI 0

A special mention must go to Year 9 AL competitor Theo Woods who competed and won on his own after his teammate couldn’t make it. Fabulous achievement.

The quiz is always a great event, well attended, fun and friendly competition.  Enjoyed by everyone involved. Well done to the students for taking part in this years’ competition.

Next Competitions:
Cross Country Year 8 (21st) & Year 7 (23rd) September. Speak to your form tutor about taking part!

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Our penultimate remote house activity was a ‘Life in Lockdown’ Photography competition.  A lot of people will have their own favourite photos, however, we could only pick one photo from each House for Staff & Student competitions.  These were presented to the judges and they ranked them.  We’ve made a montage of most of the entries, which you can watch below and below is how the judges came to their decision.  Well done to everyone who took part!


Staff Competition – Judged by Mr Carless

1st – Anne Line (B.Malcolmson)

Stunning photograph. If it was shown in a newspaper or on TV you would think it was taken by a professional. Brilliant composition, focus on the detail. Nicely shot in high contrast black and white. Good control of depth of field. Just an outstanding image.

2nd – John Boste (K.Smith)

The composition is great. Love the colours and the lighting from the window catching the face of the boy. There is deep thought in the subject and just love the humour in him getting washed and brushing his teeth in the kitchen sink. Brilliant again.

3rd – Margaret Clitherow (M.Walsh)

Sums up everything about this lockdown period and the workers who have given everything. Nice pose, nice composition and nice soft blur in the background.

4th – John Ingram (S.Hope)

lovely photograph. Composition is great with flowers positioned to the right and shallow depth of field giving a nice blur to the house in the background. The colours are lovely and the detail of the water droplets is fantastic and becomes the focal point of the image.

5th – Thomas More (L.Jackson)

Lovely photo again. Nice focus on the detail. Nice control of the depth of field giving a soft blur in the background. Sums up what a lot of people have been doing to occupy their time during lockdown.


Student Competition Result – Judged by Mr Carless & Mr Hope


1st – John Boste (Caitlin Dobson)

Lovely photograph and caught my eye straight away. Sums up the daily exercise perfectly. Lovely composition and position of the dogs in the shot, perfect lighting, nice tilt to the camera. Love it!

2nd – Thomas More (Matilda Tiplady)

Lovely shot. Has obviously taken time to think about and compose the shot considering lighting, reflections and has controlled the depth of field very well, creating a focal point from the rainbow key ring. Very appropriate to the theme also.

3rd – Anne Line (Isaac Parkes)

Beautiful sky. The colours are fabulous. Nice composition with the tree to the left. Very nice image.

4th – Margaret Clitherow (Sophie Wayper)

Great shot. Excellent control of depth of field, creating a focal point from the flower and a soft blur in the background. Nice colour and detail.

5th – John Ingram (Tegan Gillby)

Nice composition and low down viewpoint. The detailed shell in the foreground leads the eye into the picture. Nice control of depth of field with detail in the foreground and soft blur in the background.

All outstanding entries. Make sure you are all doing GCSE Photography in the future!!

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Everyone knows we are called the English Martyrs School – but do you actually know who the English Martyrs were or what they did? Well, this article will help!

To begin the story, we need to take a jump back to 16th Century England and catch up with King Henry VIII – That’s correct, the one who had six wives.

Shortly after marrying his first wife, Catherine of Aragon, he requested the marriage to be annulled from Pope Clement VII. Getting the marriage annulled would declare it null and void, almost like it never happened.

The Pope denied the request. Infuriated by the Pope’s disagreement, the King started a series of events that would later be known as The English Reformation.

The Church of England was separated from The Pope and the Roman Catholic Church, he appointed himself the Supreme Head of the Church of England and dissolved convents and monasteries.

After the Reformation, a violent wave of anti-Catholic persecution began – and lasted over a century. It started with the executions of St. Thomas More and St. John Fisher but didn’t end there.

Hundreds were killed between 1535 and 1680; the Church recognized the heroism of 40 martyrs from England and Wales in a canonization ceremony on October 25, 1970.

Later, a separate feast day was created that would take place on 4th May each year to recognize the 284 canonized or beatified martyrs of the English Reformation.

And that brings us today – a feast day that is still celebrated.  It was the sacrifice of the martyrs that allow us to freely practice our Catholic faith in England today.

Here are five of The English Martyrs, who you will recognise. Our houses in school are named after them.

St Anne Line

St Margaret Clitherow

St Thomas More

St John Boste

BI John Ingram

The English Martyrs were persecuted because they believed.

We currently can’t go to Mass or be with our church communities or do the things we want to at the minute because it isn’t safe for us to do so because of the Coronavirus. We can’t go because it is a measure to protect us. It’s very different from how it was back then.

There are still places throughout the world though, here in 2020, where people are not free to believe and can still be killed for it if they are found to have faith in Jesus.

They are not free not just because of the worldwide lockdown. Even when lockdown is over, they still won’t be able to go to their churches. They have to pray and celebrate their faith in secret, risking their lives simply by having faith. We have so much to be grateful for.

Be a rock of refuge for me, a mighty stronghold to save me,
for you are my rock, my stronghold. For your name’s sake, lead me and guide me.
Into your hands, I commend my spirit. It is you who will redeem me, Lord.
As for me, I trust in the Lord: let me be glad and rejoice in your love.
Let your face shine on your servant. Save me in your love.
You hide me in the shelter of your presence from the plotting of men.

The following prayers have been written by  Colleen Proudlock and Emily Carroll

Lord Jesus,

We place into your loving care all those who are suffering from sadness, are not able to be with their families, are ill in hospital or at home, alone and those who do not know what the future brings.

Lord hear us…

Lord Jesus,

We offer a prayer for those who are persecuted because of what they believe. Let them know God’s love and support and give them the strength to carry on sharing Our Lord’s message.

Lord hear us…

Dear Lord, please allow everyone through this rough time to be filled with the gift of courage and be resilient in hard times such as the English Martyrs were, let them be role models to us.

Lord hear us…

Dear Lord, we ask that you keep our school community safe, especially those who are still attending school. We pray for those whose parents are nurses or other front line staff and all of our own staff who are still attending work to make sure us at home are maintaining our learning while in lockdown.

Lord hear us…

We pray together in the words that Jesus taught us:

Our Father, who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name;
thy kingdom come;
thy will be done;
on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread.
And forgive us our trespasses,
as we forgive those who trespass against us.
And lead us not into temptation;
but deliver us from evil.


May the prayers of The English Martyrs be with us today and may God’s blessing be upon us.

English Martyrs – Pray for us

Go and have a treat and enjoy your day!