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Dear Parent/Guardian,

COVID-19 vaccination for children aged 12 to 15 years of age

The Covid 19 vaccination is being offered to all children in Year 7 to Year 11 who are aged 12-15 (up to the day of their 16th birthday) on the date of the session in school. Our team is scheduled to visit The English Martyrs on the 8th & 9th November 2021 as part of this programme. If you would like your child to receive this immunisation in school, please ensure your consent form has been submitted by the 4th November 2021.

In exceptional circumstances, we may have to move the date of the school session.

How do I give my consent?

  1. Go to https://fx.hdft.nhs.uk/CovidConsentForm/Covid19VaccinationConsent
  2. Enter the School Code 140867 and click “Find School”.
  3. Complete the form with your child’s information and parent/guardian contact information*.
  4. Click the green “Submit” button.

*If you provide a valid email address you will receive an automatic email confirmation to say your form has been submitted. Following your child being vaccinated in school, they will be provided with a letter and additional information about post vaccination care. If your child has specific medical requirements one of our nurses may need to get in touch before we are due to visit school. We never pass on your contact information to third parties.

Once we have your consent, we will offer your child the vaccination at the school session.

We will not vaccinate children at the session in the following circumstances:

  • When parents have not consented
  • When children want to be vaccinated but parents have not consented
  • When parents have consented and the child doesn’t want it

Why is the Covid 19 vaccine being offered?

The main purpose of the COVID-19 school age vaccination programme is to provide protection to the children who receive the vaccine and may help to reduce transmission of COVID-19 in the wider population.

During the vaccination delivery we will maintain the range of measures we have in place to keep everyone safe from COVID-19.

At present the school programme is an offer first dose of the vaccine.

 How is the Covid 19 vaccine administered?

 The vaccine is an intramuscular injection in the upper arm. At the session in school, we will always monitor a child for 15 minutes after administration of the vaccine to ensure support if they fell unwell immediately after the vaccination.

The Pfizer BioNTech Covid 19 vaccine is used for this programme, Comirnaty is the brand name for the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine, it is exactly the same.

Where can I find out more?

 Covid 19 Guide for Children and Young People https://www.healthpublications.gov.uk/ViewArticle.html?sp=Scovid19vaccinationguideforyoungpeoplemainguide

Covid 19 Parents FAQs https://www.healthpublications.gov.uk/ViewArticle.html?sp=Scovid19vaccinationfactsheetforparents

You can contact the School Age Immunisation Team

Email:  HDFT.COVIDimmunisationsDDT@nhs.net

Phone: 03000032554.

Please leave a message if there is no one available to take your call. We endeavor to respond to all queries within one working day.

Yours sincerely,

School Age Immunisation Service

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The House Cross Country race has been a popular event throughout the years, however, with the new school being built and then a pandemic we haven't been able to host the event with all year groups competing for a long time.

Well for 2021, it was back and all year groups were taking part in the gruelling cross country race.

The rain was pouring and the ground was soggy, but that didn't dampen the spirits, smiles or enthusiasm of our 87 runners battling it out for the points and Cross Country Shield.

In a house race, the top places are for bragging rights only - this is a team effort.

Each runner is awards points depending on their place finish in each race.  All the points accrued by runners in each house are calculated together.  The house with the overall lowest points wins.

House Total Points Overall Position House Points
Boste 297 1st 8
Clitherow 339 3rd 3
Ingram 315 2nd 5
Line 388 5th 1
More 351 4th 2

All the competitors ran excellently in awful conditions.  Well done everyone.

There are over 100 images of the event in the Gallery.

September 2021
Dear Parent/Carer,
Y11 Careers Support

Continuing on from the Y10 careers fortnight events, I would now like to make you aware of our Y11 careers programme to further support your child’s next steps into education, employment and training.

Access to impartial careers information, direct knowledge of the different pathways, and the options available are an essential element to ensure your child makes an informed choice, it is therefore essential that your child participates and takes advantage of all of the support available to them.

Our careers office is based in the main school building, room 0.29 and is available to your child before and after school and via ‘drop-in’ during break and lunch time.

As your child moves into early adulthood we encourage the use of communication systems such as email and Teams.  We post a variety of careers information, guidance and opportunities on these two main systems. Please encourage your child to use and check these systems regularly for updates.

Our planned careers events during Y11 include:

SEPTEMBER– In-School Parent Information Evening
Y11 Parent Information Evening – During this evening parents get the
opportunity to speak to our careers team and external organisations regarding continued impartial support offers and different pathway opportunities.

SEPTEMBER – Assembly
Y11 Options, Pathways and Choices Assembly – Students are provided with
information of the different options, courses and providers, and details about
apprenticeships and support on offer.

1:1 Guidance meeting – Every student has a meeting with our qualified and impartial careers advisors to discuss their career ideas and support their plans.

NOVEMBER In-School Event
Y11 Choices event – All local colleges, training providers and apprenticeship training providers are invited into school so students can speak to representatives and find out what is available after Y11.  Students will have access during school hours and parents 3-4pm drop- in. Parent letter to follow with further information and attendance confirmation.

Apprenticeship Assembly – Students get more in-depth information on apprenticeships and what they need to do to prepare.

JANUARY   After-School Sessions
Apprenticeship Sessions – Students who intend on making apprenticeship applications this year, sign up for these sessions which show students how to search and apply for vacancies and how to tackle different recruitment methods.

JANUARY Assembly
National Citizenship Service (NCS) Assembly – Students find out about this fabulous summer, community programme and how they can participate.

MARCH – Saturday Out-School Event
Middleton Grange Shopping Centre Careers Event – This event gives parents and students the opportunity to meet colleges and training providers and employers face-to-face in the convenient setting of the towns shopping centre.

If you would like any further information please do not hesitate to contact me.
Mrs Liddell
Head of Careers and Work-Related Learning

Dear Parent/Carer,

We would like to invite you to a Year 7 Information Evening on October 7th 2021, 4.30pm-5.45pm.
We appreciate that due to restrictions last academic year many parents have not had the opportunity to visit the school and it will be wonderful to see you all face-to-face.
On the evening:
The evening will start at 4.30pm with a welcome from the Head teacher in St Anne’s Hall within the main school building. 
After this, there will be a short informative talk (approximately 20 minutes) where we will share key information about the educational journey of your child and how you can best support them this year and beyond. Following this, there will be an opportunity for parents to meet members of the Senior Team, Year 7 Form Tutors and the Year 7 Pastoral Manager, Mr Hutchinson. 
We expect that this will be a well-attended event and in the interests of ensuring we have the capacity within the hall, we are asking if students can refrain from attending. 

We look forward to seeing you all on Thursday 7th October.

Kind Regards
Mrs Sara Crawshaw

Dear Parent Carer,

On Friday 8th October, the Flu Vaccination will be offered to ALL students from Year 7-11.  If you wish for your child to have the vaccinations, consent forms are now being completed online. 

Please complete the form by Monday 4th October at midnight.


Please note: Any consents submitted after this time will not be included in the school session.

Please contact the office on hdft.immunisationcatchupclinic@nhs.net or 01423 557693 to book into a catch up clinic.

 If a child is absent on the day of this session a clinic appointment will be offered.

Please see the following letter from the immunisation team for more information.


Dear Parent/Guardian,

Protecting Children Against Influenza (Flu) and Complications

The nasal influenza vaccination is being offered to all children in Reception-Year 11. Our team is scheduled to visit The English Martyrs School and Sixth Form College this Autumn as part of this programme. If you would like your child to receive this immunisation in school, please ensure your consent form has been submitted within one week of receiving this letter.

Please see below for details of how to consent for your child, as well as answers to common questions about the influenza vaccination programme.

How do I give my consent?

      • 1. Go to https://www.hdft.nhs.uk/fluconsent/
      • 2. Enter the School Code 140867 and click “Find School”.
      • 3. Complete the form with your child’s information and parent/guardian contact information*.
      • 4. Click the green “Submit” button.

*If you provide a valid email address you will receive an automatic email confirmation to say your form has been submitted. We will also email you to let you know that your child has been vaccinated in school. If your child has specific medical requirements one of our nurses may need to get in touch before we are due to visit school. We never pass on your contact information to third parties.

Why is the influenza vaccine being offered?

This vaccination programme is in place to help protect your child against influenza (flu) and stop the spread of the virus within schools, families and the wider community. Influenza is an unpleasant illness that can lead to school absences and sometimes causes serious complications requiring hospitalisation.

Vaccinating your child doesn’t just project them – by helping to stop the spread of influenza this winter they will also be protecting vulnerable friends and family of all ages.

How is the influenza vaccine administered?

Unlike most vaccinations, the nasal influenza vaccine is a quick and simple spray up the nose. There are a small number of children for whom the nasal vaccine is not appropriate. In these cases we offer an intramuscular injection as an alternative. Please check the link below for more information.

Does the nasal influenza vaccine contain pork gelatine? Can my child have the injection instead?

Yes, the nasal influenza vaccine contains trace amounts of porcine gelatine. If you would like your child to receive the injectable influenza vaccine, which does not contain porcine gelatine, please do not complete the online consent form. Instead, please give us a ring on 0300 003 2554. You will need to bring your child to a local community clinic as we cannot give the injection in school.

Where can I find out more?

Please visit https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/vaccinations/child-flu-vaccine for more information about the childhood influenza vaccination programme.

You can contact the childhood immunisations team on hdft.immunisationteam@nhs.net or 0300 003 2554 or 01423 557693. We are a small team and we cannot always answer the phone straight away, so please leave a message if there is no one available to take your call. We endeavor to respond to all queries within one working day.

Yours sincerely,
Childhood Immunisations Team

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New Hartlepool headteacher sets out her priorities and says she's 'lucky to serve community'

Returning to normality after Covid and restarting a vibrant series of extra curricular activities are among the top priorities of a school’s new headteacher.

Sarah Crawshaw Headteacher English Martyrs School and Sixth Form, Hartlepool Picture by FRANK REID.

Sara Crawshaw has enjoyed a busy start after taking charge at English Martyrs School and Sixth Form College, in Hartlepool, at the beginning of the new school year this month.

She replaces Stephen Hammond, who retired after a number of years, and follows her working as a deputy headteacher at St Hild’s School in the town for the last two years.

Mrs Crawshaw said she feels privileged to have been given the job and is looking forward to helping English Martyrs’ 1,500 students achieve their full potential.

She said: "The children have got this enormous energy and potential and dignity, the staff are hard-working and determined to give the children the best opportunities and life chances.

"Professionally I was ready to take on the responsibility of headship and there was absolutely no better school.

"I feel really, really lucky to serve this community.”

The new challenge comes as schools everywhere are getting used to children returning to class after home schooling and isolating due to Covid.

Mrs Crawshaw said: “Every single school at the moment is facing a Covid recovery and is looking at realigning their curriculum to make sure students have the best subject material that’s delivered in the right time so they can do, remember and achieve more.

"It’s also about making sure children are socialised well after a period of spending a lot of time at home.

“I think they are really pleased to be back to their learning and friends.”

Staff and students take lateral Covid tests twice a week. And current government guidance says people who are double jabbed and under 18 no longer have to self-isolate after close contact with someone with the virus.

Looking to the future Mrs Crawshaw, 49, added: “It’s about making sure every single child fulfils their potential academically, morally, socially and spiritually.

"I want us to continue on the journey for high academic standards, and have a real vibrant extra curricular offer that includes languages, arts, music and sports.”

English Martyrs is holding a Year 6 open evening on Thursday, October 14, from 6pm-8pm and a sixth form open evening on Thursday, November 18.

Words and Pictures courtesy of Mark Payne and Frank Reid from The Hartlepool Mail.

Dear Parent/Carer,  

It is my privilege to write to you as the new Headteacher of The English Martyrs Catholic School and Sixth Form and to invite you to our Year 6 Open Evening on October 14th 6.00pm-8.00pm  

We are delighted that this year we can welcome you and your children to visit the school and meet teachers and students.  In order to provide a structured visit we are asking you to book into one of the three slots available across the evening. You can do this by following the link below and selecting the time you will be attending.  

There are three sessions to choose from:

      • 6.00pm 
      • 6.30pm 
      • 7.00pm 

Please click here to be taken to our Eventbrite page to book on a slot.  

During the Year 6 Open Evening you will have a presentation from myself and a tour of the school with opportunities to talk to our current students and teaching staff.  

You can make your school application through the Local Authority by following this link. You must apply by Sunday 31st October 2021

Applications for places are welcomed from all parents of all Year 6 pupils. We look forward to meeting you and your child/children.

You can read our Admissions Code here.

Best Wishes

Sara Crawshaw

Dear Parent/Carer
We would like to invite you to a charity coffee morning in school.  In previous years we have raised fund for local Charities. As the world starts to recover from the pandemic and return to a more normal life we would like to maintain our support for a local charity to be voted by students. We would love for you to come along and support the event.

As a parent/carer of a student who is new to the school, we thought it would also be a wonderful opportunity for you to visit us, get to know the school a little more and to see your child in their new environment.  The event will run from 9:30 – 11:00 on Friday, 1st October in St. Anne’s Hall and you should report to main school reception. There is no need to purchase a ticket in advance however there will be an opportunity to donate to the charity on the day.

If you are interested in coming along could you please complete the electronic response from using the link: https://forms.office.com/r/Zquij6yJQb Please include the name of your child who will be invited to join you at breaktime.

This is the ideal opportunity to raise some money for some worthy causes whilst spending time together as a community.

Please note you should not access school site if you are showing any Covid-19 symptoms and if you are able can you complete a Lateral Flow Test prior to the event taking place.

Yours faithfully,
Mr K Oxberry
House Leader Blessed John Ingram

Dear Parent / Carer,

I am writing to invite you to our Year 12 Parents’ Information Evening on Thursday, 23rd September 5.30-6.30pm. This will be held in the Common Room in the Sixth Form building. Although the evening is aimed at sharing information with parents, students can attend should you wish to bring them.

At English Martyrs Catholic School and Sixth Form College, we recognise how vital it is to work closely and positively with parents so that we can all play our part in supporting our students to achieve their potential.

On Thursday we will begin the evening with a presentation where we will share key messages with you as your son / daughter embarks upon this next step in their educational journey. Following this, there will be refreshments, time to ask any individual questions you might have and an opportunity to meet the Sixth Form Team.

Please can you indicate your intention to attend via the link:


I look forward to welcoming you on Thursday 23rd September and moving forward in partnership, so that all of the students in our care can be successful learners who have successful futures.

Yours faithfully,

Mrs C Hogarth
Deputy Headteacher

Dear Parent/Carer,

Please see below information that was shared with you last term in relation to Year 13 options and pathways. We thought this was an ideal time to remind you of the following information and invite any questions you may have.

Broadly speaking, your son/daughter has the following options:

      • Apprenticeships
      • University
      • Employment
      • School leaver programmes
      • Study overseas
      • Gap year

Your son/daughter may be considering more than one of these as a choice and we would encourage that, so that once offers have been received, a fully informed decision about their future can be made.

Last academic year we worked closely with Northumbria University and Amazing Apprenticeships to provide you with pre-recorded sessions to help you support your son/daughter on their progression journey. As a reminder, the sessions from Northumbria cover the kind of things that your son/daughter should be considering now and in the coming months along with a session on student finance. The session on student finance is relevant regardless of where you son/daughter applies. It is worth considering that each university offers a range of different bursaries and scholarships, details of which can be found on individual university websites.

Transition to HE – https://vimeo.com/565964088/aaf9247117

Student finance – https://vimeo.com/565980263/1aaef01dd4

Apprenticeships – https://ems6.bhcet.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/Higher-Degree-Apprenticeships-2-1.mp4

Our internal UCAS deadline is 30th September for any student applying for an early entry course and/or university and 1st November for all other courses. Please note, forms will not be sent on these dates. The early deadline allows the college time to check all forms thoroughly and provide students with the help, advice and guidance we feel they benefit from as part of our internal support processes.

Students will continue to benefit from the comprehensive support programme of careers guidance from our specialist team. The year 13 careers page on Teams, which your son/daughter can access, has regular updates, including opportunities open to students to participate in online events to help them research their future options.  Over the coming weeks we have speakers coming into college to deliver presentations on various topics, including applying to university. Students are able to make one to one appointments with our specialist HE Careers Adviser, Bev Scaife. If you would like to speak to with Bev, or have any specific queries, please email her at bscaife@ems.bhcet.org.uk.

Should you have anything you would specifically like to discuss with the Sixth Form Team, we are proposing to hold an informal session on Tuesday 28th September from 5.30-6.30pm. Please complete the link below to indicate whether you intend on taking up this offer: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=-OvlemCWl0mB-Fxg9M2FOARlvc81OCJKq36AKUh3EEpUN0dYNUdJS0JBMFJVNVRKMjhHWjFaME4yNi4u

Yours faithfully,

Mrs C Hogarth
Deputy Headteacher