Dear Parents/Carers,

Firstly, can I say how delighted we are with the way that the Year Seven students have applied themselves in what has been an extraordinary start to the academic year. We are really pleased with the way that they have settled into our routines. Thank you again for all of your support, help and understanding in all the areas that have cropped up already. Please continue to use the school website and parent app as key tools / ways of keeping abreast of key messages and information.

I am mainly writing to let you know that we will be undergoing some short (no more than an hour) baseline assessments of Year 7 and Year 12. As you know the end of term lockdown hindered normal transition activities and this included the KS2 SATs. To help us plan for your child’s journey through school, we want to get some broad cognitive indicators. This baseline will be used alongside what we already know about the students and the growing professional picture staff are getting in class.

We did not want to do this baseline in the first few days, but wait until the students are settled and into school routines. This CEM baseline assessment is nothing to worry about. The last thing we want is any anxiety -inducing events where we can help it. The last 6 months have been bad enough already.

We will talk to the students about the CEM test and there is a link below if you want to know more. This and a PDF brochure is on the website if you want to refer to it. We plan to do the tests in Tutor Groups using the bubble allocated ICT suite.

Students who have additional needs will also be supported appropriately

If you do have any questions about it, then please get in touch. We would normally, at this time, be inviting you in to school for our welcome coffee morning. I hope before too long we can re-arrange that so you can come in and see how well the students have settled.

Best wishes

Mr Dickson –
Deputy Headteacher 

Mrs Baggs –
Acting Pastoral Manager for Year 7 

Sue Irvine –