Dear Parent/Carer,

When Year 7 start at The English Martyrs School and Sixth Form College we allocate each student a form class based on information sent to us from Primary schools. We endeavour to put a friend with each student where possible from their previous primary school.

We then use information from the Key Stage 2 assessments to form the classes for each subject. The mix of these classes are very different to the mix of the form class. This could not happen this year as there were no Key Stage 2 assessments. So, for the first time, Year 7 have been taught in form classes for the first term of this academic year.

All students have completed Module 1 which comprises of three Key Tasks and they have also taken an online assessment (which is ran by the Centre of Evaluation and Monitoring).

Using information from the Pastoral Manager (Mrs Baggs), SEND department (Mrs Irvine and Mrs Spears) along with the results of key tasks and the results of the online assessment, Year 7 will now be restructured for most of their subjects.

  • The groups the students are in for ICT, Technology, Science and PE will remain the same.
  • The new groups are mixed ability.
  • The form classes will remain the same.
  • The new classes will begin operating from Monday, 4th January, 2021
  • This is different to previous and all other year groups.
  • Students will be issued a new timetable

If you would like further information regarding this, please contact me on the following email

Your Sincerely,

Mrs M Chapman
Assistant Headteacher