We will be holding our annual Christmas Jumper Day again this year for Hartlepool Special Needs Support Group. We have supported this event for the last 5 years and raised a total of just over £5200. With the pandemic this year, local charities need our help more than ever so we have done everything we can to make sure it happens.  We are pleased to say that this year it will take place on Friday 11th December.

The rules are simple:
  • Students can pay a donation of £1 (you are welcome to donate more if you wish) to attend school wearing a Christmas Jumper or Christmas T-Shirt with their bottom half in Non-Uniform.  
  • As students enter the building, staff will be on hand with sealed buckets to collect money.  The buckets will be collected by HSNSG where it will be counted after a quarantine period.  We will not be able to give change, so please make sure students come to school with the correct donation.
  • Students do not have to take part, however, if they don’t they must attend school in Full Uniform.
  • THIS IS NOT A FULL NON-UNIFORM DAY.  Students must be wearing a Christmas Jumper or T-Shirt.
Once Hartlepool Special Needs Support Group have counted the money, they will let us know a final total for the event which we will share with you. We are hoping to beat last years total of £1161.
We thank you all for your support in previous years and the coming event.