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Code of Conduct for Students

We are the English Martyrs Community

We behave with respect, and we are responsible for our actions
We show each other compassion and we are just and honest
We will work with confidence, self-belief and self-reliance
We will celebrate achievement and effort
In cases where we fall short of our standards consequences are in place.

In School

Students must:

      • Be on time and be equipped
      • Wear correct uniform
      • Walk quietly following the one-way system; keeping to the left on the stairs
      • Follow school rules and expectations
      • Participate in school life in lessons and in extra-curricular opportunities
      • Respect the school environment and property
      • Not use mobile phones during school hours and not have chewing gum

In Classrooms

Students must:

      • Enter the class in an orderly way and be ready to learn
      • Stand behind their chairs and put their equipment and planner on the desk and say ‘Good Morning/ Good Afternoon Sir/ Miss’ when welcomed.
      • Answer, ‘Yes Miss’ or ‘Yes Sir’ to the register

In the Community

Students must:

      • Represent the school well and model our values and virtues.

Keeping Safe and E-Safety

Your safety and wellbeing is very important.

Students must:

      • Keep themselves safe online by keeping passwords safe and not interfering with other students’ accounts; or accessing the school internet for anything other than school work
      • Feel confident to share any worries or concerns with a teacher. Your form tutor, pastoral leader or student support will always listen to any concerns or difficulties you might have.