English Martyrs is now the home of Stranded Island Songs.
A feature which started out as an ICT Recording Demonstration is now here to stay.
Each fortnight we are striving to record a member of staff and release here on the website for you to enjoy.

The question is simple…

You are stranded on an island.

You can take Eight Songs, One Book and One Luxury Item with you.

What would you take?

Season 1 - Episode Guide

Episode 1 (Pilot Episode) – Head of ICT – Miss Malcolmson – Listen Here

Episode 2 – Assistant Headteacher – Mr Devenney – Listen Here

Episode 3 – Communication & Events Coordinator – Mr Hope – Listen Here

Episode 4 – Art Teacher – Mr Carless – Listen Here

Episode 5 – Technology Teacher – Mrs Bainton – Listen Here

Episode 6 – Headteacher – Mr Hammond – Listen Here

Season One is now complete and we are going to take a rest over the summer holidays before bringing Season Two in October.  To say the project has gone better than expected is an understatement.   Something that started as a demo for a lesson has now become a healthy feature on our website and social media channels. A unique chance for the public get an incite into the people who teach and work with their children on a daily basis.

We thank our castaways for Season One, but more importantly, we thank you, the listeners, for getting behind the show…..EMS Staff – starting making lists!

Season 2 - Coming soon