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Computing and ICT


Learning Journey

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In the ICT department we are passionate about delivering our subject and encouraging students to explore the digital world around them. We are a forward thinking department, constantly keeping up to date with emerging technologies in this ever evolving subject and making sure that we keep at the forefront of latest developments. A variety of software applications and online web tools are used in lessons to engage students and provide them with skills that are transferable across all subjects.

Keystage 3

All students from Year 7 through to Year 9 study ICT for one hour per week. The curriculum is reviewed on a yearly basis and allows students to gain a wide range of skills in a variety of software packages including industry standard creative software. Online tools are also utilised in lessons to allow students the opportunity to extend their learning beyond the classroom. In Year 9 students follow three strands studying the business, creative and technical side of the subject in preparation for their options choices which are made during the spring term.

Detailed Curriculum Information


Cambridge Nationals ICT – This course builds on skills developed throughout Keystage 3 to offer a vocational qualification based on the ICT that we use in our everyday lives. Students study topics such as business skills, interactive products and dynamic products making use of sound and video techniques.

Creative iMedia – This course allows students the opportunity to develop an understanding of the world of digital media. Students study topics such as comic strip storytelling, game design and interactive multimedia products throughout the course using industry standard software.

Detailed Curriculum Information

Year 10
Computer Science

Year 11
Computer Science

Sixth Form

A Level Computing – This course is aimed at students who want to become proficient at programming and application development. There are a variety of theory topics which are externally examined including: hardware and communication, organisation and structure of data, algorithms and programming, software, systems analysis and design, characteristics of computer applications and consequences of current trends.

Level 3 Cambridge Technicals ICT – Students will have the opportunity to acquire the essential knowledge and tools for the world of IT work developing skills such as planning, research and analysis, working with others and effective communication. A range of different projects will be completed including: communication and employability skills, information systems, 2D animation production, interactive media authoring, web animation and computer games.

Level 3 Cambridge Technicals Media – This course encourages students to develop high level creative skills by focusing on the ever evolving digital media industry. Students study pre-production techniques then embarking on a variety of projects covering topics such as web design, photography, social media and comic book storytelling.

Detailed Curriculum Information