The recent outbreak of Coronavirus is clearly going to disrupt our normal day to day lives. As a school, we continue to receive daily updates from the government and we continue to follow their advice.

We will try and keep you up to date with any developments as much as we can on this page. See updates below:

Wednesday 11th March 2020

  • Mr Hammond sent a letter to all parents on our school app to update them about everything we have put in place so far and our plans as the outbreak develops.  The letter can be read here.

Friday 13th March 2020

  • Letters have been sent to parents via the app about the cancellation of our annual Ski Trip to Austria at Easter.
  • Letters have been sent to parents via the app regarding the Summer visits to Sicily and France.
  • Next weeks Sixth Form visit to Oxford and Cambridge has been cancelled by the hosts so the trip will not run.

Monday 16th March 2020

  • As of this morning, we will be cancelling ALL local trips & sporting fixtures to minimize the risk to our Staff and Students.
  • As of tomorrow – ALL meetings with Parents/Carers and External Agencies will be by telephone only.  No face to face meetings will take place on-site.
  • Year 10 Parents’ Evening on 2nd April will be postponed to a later date.
  • Year 10 Shine visit to York University next week is cancelled.
  • Year 8 Beamish trip (3rd April) won’t be running we are in talks about moving the date or cancelling.  More information to follow.
  • Mr Hammond sent another update letter to all parents on our school app.  The letter can be read here.

Tuesday 17th March 2020

  • We have added a new heading on the main school website at the top called Coronavirus.  In here will be work for students to do while they are self-isolating. This will continue to grow in the next day or two.
  • Mr Hammond has sent another letter to parents via the app.  The letter can be read here.

Wednesday 18th March 2020

  • Year 12 taught lessons have been suspended from today, Year 12 students are welcome to come into college for independent study and resources/assignments will be available on Microsoft Teams.
  • The upcoming Year 7 & 8 Retreat due to take place in May has been cancelled. Any money paid in Parent Pay will be refunded.
  • Plans to attend the YMT Summer festival in June are also now cancelled.

Thursday 19th March 2020

  • The government announced last night that schools will close at the end of play on Friday, but would remain open for children of key workers.
  • The government announced last night that exams will be cancelled.  We have no more information on this other than that and we will update you as we know.
  • Year 13 lessons have been cancelled – students are welcome to attend college today/tomorrow.
  • We have sent a survey to all parents/carers in the app regarding Child Supervision for Key Workers and Free School Meals provision for those students who normally receive free school meals from Monday 23rd March. Please register if you will be requiring either of these services. The form has now closed, please email if you would like to be added.
  • The year 8/9/10 trip to Weardale in the Summer has been cancelled and money will be refunded as soon as possible.
  • School open to Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 only on Friday 20 March 2020. A copy of Mr Hammonds letter can be found here.

Friday 20th March 2020

  • We have poster a quick message to our wonderful Year 11 and Year 13 whose time with us was cut short yesterday.  We’ve assured them that when this is all over, we will celebrate their achievements and friendships with them.  The message can be read here
  • We’ve added a helpline email for Microsoft Teams – if you need help please email
  • We’ve added a quick Teams Help video to the Team page. You can watch the video here
  • Mr Hammond has sent another letter to all parents. You can read it here
  • If you are accessing school for supervision and use school transport then there has been a change to the bus route.  Changes are here

Monday 23rd March 2020

  • School is now open for children of Key Workers or Vulnerable children if they have no other childcare arrangements. Wherever possible government guideline is to keep your children at home.
  • Mr Hammond has sent a letter to all Year 11 and Year 13 students updating them on Public Examinations.  You can read the letter here.

Wednesday 25th March 2020

  • We’ve received notification today that the limited school bus service will cease from Monday 30th March until further notice.

Wednesday 1st April 2020

  • The government announced Free School Meals would become a voucher system.  We will be contacting parents who have children who claim free school meals via telephone.

Friday 3rd April 2020

  • We have contacted many parents about Free School Meals, however, there are some we have not been able to contact.  If your child receives free school meals and you haven’t spoken to us…please email as a matter of urgency so we can get an email address from you and your preferred supermarket.
  • Ofqual has released the guidelines and a letter to students about the Year 11 & 13 results in the summer.  The letter can be read here.
  • Mr Hammond has set a letter to all parents updating them on the current situation.  The letter can be read here.

Tuesday 7th April

  • The contacting of parents about Free School Meals is now complete we have submitted the data.  The vouchers should be starting to be received in the coming days to those eligible.  We will do one more drop of school meals tomorrow to those who have been receiving them to cushion any overlap in the scheme beginning.  Any problems around Free School Meals, please contact If you think you could be eligible for FSMs them please see this link for advice and applications.

Thursday 9th April

  • Today, Miss Hunt in our technology dept completed making and deliver 450 Visors and 700 mask extenders to NHS frontline services.  Full story here. 
  • Mr Hammond closed the last term with an update letter to parents that can be read here.

Enjoy your Easter Holidays.

Wednesday 6th May

We hope everyone out there is keeping well and staying safe. We are continuing to work hard behind the scenes and hopefully, we will be back to normal soon. Here’s some of the things been going on in the last couple of weeks since the Easter Break.

  • Today, we have emailed a letter from Mr Hammond to all students and also sent the letter to Parents in the app. The letter can be read here
  • We have also received the news from Hardwick Hall that our Year 11 Prom on 25th June has been cancelled by the venue. A letter from Mr. Hall can be found here.
  • Miss Hunt finished her 3000th Visor for struggling care services and NHS Staff full story here. 
  • Year 8 Student Theo Woods raised over £7500 for NHS Staff with his 12hr clap-a-thon. Story here
  • A group of five staff have started a production line in Scrub Bags and have already made and delivered 250 to struggling services.  Story here
  • Year 11 student Jess Young is taking on a 24hr read-a-thon tomorrow. You can sponsor her effort here.
  • We have launched an online chat system on the College website (, The Sixth Form Team will be on hand from 1pm-3pm every Tuesday and Thursday to answer questions.

Tuesday 12th May

We have created a page that contains information of all the support systems and pages we have put in place since during this difficult time.  It also contains email addresses of all of our Heads of Department so you can email them if you need any help or support with any of the set work.  The page, named A Little Bit of Help can be found in the Coronavirus Hub and you can access directly by clicking this link.

Friday 15th May

You will have heard that the government are asking schools to have face-to-face contact with their Year 10 pupils and Year 12 students.

This will not be a return to full timetables or pupils back in school full time, rather some support to supplement pupils’ remote education.  

We are working closely with all secondary schools across Hartlepool to agree how best to implement this, as a family of schools, from June 8th and will be in touch with parents next week when we hope to have had more details from the Department for Education.

Monday 18th May

  • Some students were slow to get started with work for lots of reasons and all of us have had up & down days. The website has a lot of work to cover so we feel that we wanted to give you a week to reflect / review and catch-up where needs be so we have not given you extra work for week 7.  Instead, Week 7 is a PitStop week.  Here’s a letter from Mr Dickson to explain.

Wednesday 20th May

  • Mr Hammond has sent an update letter to parents.  You can read the letter here
  • We’ve launched our Get Ready for A Levels page on the college website. The page is full of work for every subject which will help Year 11 students get ready to start their A Level courses in September.  You can view the page here

Thursday 21st May

  • Mrs Hogarth has sent a letter to all Year 12 students via email and Teams which gives them an update on various items such as Remote Learning, UCAS Applications and Mock Exams.  A copy of the letter can be read here 

Friday 29th May

  • Mr Hammond has sent a letter to all parents to update them on the possible reopening of schools to more pupils in June.  A copy of the letter can be read here.

Monday 1st June

We have now started uploading work onto the website & Teams for years 7, 8, 9, 10 & 12 for weeks 8-10. (Week 8 starts today.)

We hope your children have been enjoying the sunny weather and continuing to adjust to life during the lockdown. If they still have work to catch up from weeks 1-7 and/or they still need some help with some areas – please get in touch so we can see how we can help.

In helping us move forward with best supporting our young people, we would like each student to complete an online survey this week so we can see where students may have gaps and need support.

Students will need to fill in the surveys using their computer accounts – links have been emailed to all students and are also available on the Week 8-10 work pages which can be found in the usual place, the Coronavirus tab on the website.  The links are as follows:  We are populating the work as quick as we can.

Year 7
Year 8
Year 9
Year 10
Year 12

We are always adapting and trying to improve, so, from this week, staff are starting to put audio commentary on some of the set work to help students understand the key points. There may also be links to some websites with online tutorials such as the Oak National Academy or GCSE POD.

As well as being able to email teachers or contact them for help on TEAMS we will also be sending you a timetable in the next few days with slots during the week where staff will be available to help and to answer any questions students may have.  A list of email addresses for Head of Departments can be found on the page we sent out a week or two ago.

Phone Calls Home

Year 11 students will receive a phone call this week from our wonderful Careers department. Miss Liddell and her Team want to make sure the students leaving us get to where they want to be, whether that be Apprenticeships, Employment or College. Of course, we would love all of our Year 11 students to join EMS6, however, the Careers team are completely impartial and will guide the students on the correct path for them.  If you miss their call, please email them and they will get back in touch.

We will shortly be starting another round of phone calls home for other year groups too – but please get in touch beforehand if you need help.

Monday 8th June

We have introduced a timetable where staff will be available in the Posts section of Teams to answer questions and provide support. We will keep adding to the timetable as more sessions become available.  The shortcut for the page can be found in the Coronavirus tab on the website called Remote Learning Teacher Support Sessions or click the banner on the homepage.

Thursday 18th June

  • Today we introduced a new page on the website for Transition and kicked it off with a video message from Mr Hammond & Mr McMahon.  We’ll be adding lots more information in the coming weeks. You can view the new Year 6 Transition Updates Page here
  • We have been made aware of a scam email that is being sent around targeting vulnerable families and we wanted to make you aware. This scam email states the following: ‘If your child’s school is closed and your child is entitled to free school meals; then to send your bank details to the schools and they will help with funding while the schools are closed.’  “All links are fake. Do not be fooled by this scam.”  Please be vigilant.

Friday 19th June

  • Mrs Hogarth has sent a letter to all Parents/Carers of Year 12 students.  You can read a copy of the letter here
  • Mr Dickson has sent a letter to all Parents/Carers of Year 10 students. You can read the letter here

Monday 22nd June

  • Ms Liddell has sent a letter to all Year 10 parents about a remote Careers event.  You can read a copy of the letter here
  • We’ve uploaded the work onto the website for the next four weeks to take us to the summer.  The work is in the usual place on the website, in the Coronavirus Tab.

Monday 29th June

  • Mrs Hogarth has sent a letter to Parents/Carers of all Year 12 students about Face to Face in-college sessions starting Thursday.  You can read the letter here
  • Mrs Chapman & Mrs Hogarth have sent a letter to all Parents/Carers of Year 12 students about the upcoming ‘Consolidation and Gap Analysis Week’ which we will be holding for all Year 12 students next week.  You can read a copy of the letter here

Tuesday 30th June

  • Mr Dickson & Mrs Chapman have sent a letter to all Parents/Carers of Year 7 to 10 students about the upcoming ‘Knowledge – Gap Assessment Week’ which we will be holding for all these students next week.  You can read a copy of the letter here

Wednesday 15th July

  • From September 2020 our school will be fully cashless. If you are not set up on Parent Pay, then please email quoting student name, year group and DOB and we can get you set up in no time. Parents of new Year 7 students, your letters for the system should be with you in the post next week.

Thursday 16th July

  • Mr Hammond has sent a letter to all parents in the app regarding the reopening of school in September 2020.  You can read the letter here.