We’ve started building up a timetable of when our Teachers will be available to support our students learning using the online chat in Teams. We’ve broken it down into various slots in the day. Keep checking back for updates, as we’ll be adding more as we go.

10am-11amYear 12 LAWY12 History (Mrs Hannah)
Year 12 Religious Studies (Mr Dunn)

Y12 Performing Arts
Year 12 Religious Studies (Mrs Wilson)
Y12 Psychology
11:15am-12:15pmYear 12 English LanguageYear 12 Computer Science
Year 12 Health & Social Care (Mrs Walsh)
Year 12 French (Mrs Evans)
Year 12 French (Mrs Turnbull)Year 12 History (Miss Hannah)
Year 12 Digital MediaYear 12 Fashion
1pm-2pmY12 BiologyYear 12 Business Studies
EMS6 Support (Year 13)Y12 Physics
Year 12 Health & Social (Mrs Bell)
Y12 ChemistryYear 12 Law
Year 12 Maths (Miss Jackson)
Year 12 Maths (Miss Collin)EMS6 Support (Year 12)
2pm-3pmYear 12 English LiteratureY12 Physical Geography (Mrs Martindale)
EMS6 Support (Year 13)Y12 Human Geography (Mr Frettsome)
Year 12 Art
EMS6 Support (Year 12)