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EMS makes and donates vital PPE Equipment

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Over the last week, Miss Hunt, from our Technology department has put her skills to the test and, using some of the sheet materials lying around in the store room, has created 450 visors which can be used as vital PPE equipment for NHS staff in our area.


Using our state of the art laser cutter, the head bands have been cut from Polypropylene sheets. The visors were then completed by hand, adding the protective film mask element, made from a similar material that teachers would have drawn on on their OHPs in days gone by.

While she was busy, she also created 700 extender strips for face masks which allows them to be fastened behind the head rather than staff wearing them around their ears and suffering the painful result that this causes.

100 visors were donated to the local authority yesterday along with some goggles and gloves as part of their town wide effort to supply PPE to local care homes. The remaining 350 where taken to North Tees Hospital today where they are currently being sterilised ready to be used by the incredible front line staff working round the clock to protect us.

The extenders have been distributed whenever needed after offering them on her personal Facebook. Local establishments which have benefitted include Alice House Hospice, Windermere Grange Care Home, Hartlepool Hospital and James Cook Hospital.

We are also overjoyed to say some of these extenders are on their way to Liverpool after a request from Dr. Becky Bainton and also locally to nurse Charley Walsh, both former students of our thriving and successful sixth form college.  We hope they find you safe.

From everyone at The English Martyrs School and Sixth Form College, thank you firstly to Miss Hunt for her incredible hard work, and thank you to all the key workers out there working round the clock.

Stay Safe and God Bless you all.