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Exams 2022: Update, December 2021

Dear Parent / Carer,

Exams 2022: Update, December 2021

The Department for Education remain clear that schools are to work towards formal, traditional examinations in the summer of 2022. They have made some changes and amendments to the content and coverage within some subjects, including removing some topics, in recognition that students have experienced disruption to their education. Curriculum Leaders at our school have already responded to these changes and adapted the curriculum for Year 13 and 11 students in light of this information.

The most recently released guidance outlines some contingency considerations for schools. You can read this guidance in full at: https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/contingency-arrangements-gcse-as-a-level-project-and-aea

Our Year 13 and 11 students have a number of formal opportunities built into our school calendar to demonstrate their progress, knowledge and skills. Year 11 had mock examinations at the end of Year 10, and Year 13 students had mock examinations at the end of Year 12. There are a number of other planned sessions:

Preparation Exams (Prep Exams) for Year 11:
15th November – 26th November 2021
28th February – 11th March 2022

Preparation Exams (Prep Exams) for Year 13:
10th January – 21st January 2022
28th March – 1st April 2022

If examinations do not go ahead in the traditional way, we may implement an additional assessment period / opportunity in the summer term where examinations would ordinarily take place. However, we will respond to advice and guidance as and when we need to.

I want to end by making clear that the government have given no indication that examinations will not proceed in the usual way. In fact, they talk about being “firmly committed to exams going ahead in summer 2022” within the guidance. We are sending you this correspondence as an update, as promised at the start of the year at the information evenings.

Yours faithfully,

Colette Hogarth
Deputy Headteacher