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Expectations and School Rules

We are the English Martyrs Community

We behave with respect, and we are responsible for our actions
We show each other compassion and we are just and honest
We will work with confidence, self-belief and self-reliance
We will celebrate achievement and effort
In cases where we fall short of our standards consequences are in place.


We believe that excellent behaviour and attitudes enables learners to not only make excellent progress in the acquirement of knowledge and skills vital to them in achieving success, but also in their development of professional behaviours that will be expected of them in the workplace. These core principles feed into our Virtues system.

We believe that it is important that English Martyrs is a safe, caring and inclusive place where learners can achieve their full potential.

It is both our aim and our expectation that all pupils are positive and put 100% effort into all that they do. This includes being prepared for lessons, punctual to school, properly equipped, completing all homework and demonstrate excellent behaviour for learning both in and outside of lessons.

Our 2022 Priorities are to get all students to :
  • Have excellent attendance and be punctual
  • Follow the school uniform policy
  • Be equipped and ready to learn
  • Ask for help when needed and listen to advice
  • Be ambitious for themselves and others.  
  • Take an active part in lessons and in enrichment
These are our basic expectations
  • We all arrive to school and lessons on time.
  • Teachers stand at the door to ‘meet and greet’ their classes and to supervise the entry & exit of learners and control movement in the corridors.
  • Students to always follow instructions from staff – in and out of lessons.
  • Students to sit in places allocated by a teacher according to a seating plan.
  • Students to be prepared for lessons and work to the best of their ability (this includes homework).
  • We all have pride in our school community & respect our environment.
  • We all take a full and active part in school life – extra-curricular/ revision sessions/ enrichment.
  • We are respectful at all times.
  • We show character by following our virtues – Justice and Compassion, Confidence and Resilience, Honesty and self-belief and Respect and Responsibility.
School Rules
  • Follow instructions first time
  • Arrive on time to school & lessons
  • No coats inside (no hoodies / tracksuit tops)
  • No chewing gum or fizzy drinks/ energy drinks
  • Uniform worn correctly / No trainers / boots above the ankle or high heels/ no skirts rolled up
  • No extreme hair styles (natural colours only / no grade zero / no tramlines)
  • Pair of small stud earrings and a watch
  • No false nails/ nail varnish/ eyelashes
  • No excessive make up or fake tan
  • Mobile phone to be turned off / not used on site –past the green gate
  • Have a  Planner & school bag (large enough for a A4 file)
  • Don’t drop litter and clear away in the canteen
Outside of the Classroom (Break/Lunch, between lessons, travelling to and from school)
  • No anti-social or unsafe behaviour
  • Use one way system in the canteen
  • No use of mobile phones
  • Put litter in the bins
  • Stay in designated areas in school, no food in corridors and classrooms.
  • When travelling to school behave well - observe rules of public transport, cycle safety and walk sensibly and safety.
Expectations and School Rules
  • Walk in an orderly manner between lessons
  • Walk in single file
  • Toilets to only be used at break/lunch
  • Keep to the left when moving around the school site
  • Go directly to lessons via the most appropriate route

Please talk to your child about making sure we respect personal space at all times, we have a ‘no hands’ charter whereby playfighting is not permitted. Please also speak to them about ensuring we respect other people’s possessions including their neckties and shirt pockets and that we do not involve ourselves with name calling or anything which may make someone else feel unsafe, unhappy or angry.