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House Cross Country Competition 2021

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The House Cross Country race has been a popular event throughout the years, however, with the new school being built and then a pandemic we haven't been able to host the event with all year groups competing for a long time.

Well for 2021, it was back and all year groups were taking part in the gruelling cross country race.

The rain was pouring and the ground was soggy, but that didn't dampen the spirits, smiles or enthusiasm of our 87 runners battling it out for the points and Cross Country Shield.

In a house race, the top places are for bragging rights only - this is a team effort.

Each runner is awards points depending on their place finish in each race.  All the points accrued by runners in each house are calculated together.  The house with the overall lowest points wins.

House Total Points Overall Position House Points
Boste 297 1st 8
Clitherow 339 3rd 3
Ingram 315 2nd 5
Line 388 5th 1
More 351 4th 2

All the competitors ran excellently in awful conditions.  Well done everyone.

There are over 100 images of the event in the Gallery.