Below is a list of dates of our Information and Parent Evenings for the current year.  More information will be sent out closer to their dates.
These also appear in your child’s planner, they are on the calendar on the website and in the events section of the app.

Please Note:
Due to the ongoing pandemic we are unable to invite parents onto site. This is firmly in place until after the Easter holidays, but maybe extended. The planned dates are subject to change and events will be done virtually on our website and social media channels where possible to ensure the safety of everyone.

Year 8 Information Evening – This can be found here.
Year 10 Information Evening – This can be found here
Year 12 & 13 Information Evening – This took shape in the form of a Sixth Form Handbook.  Download a copy here. 
Year 7 Tutor evening – We had to make alternative arrangements – the letter send to parents on the app is here. 
Year 11 Parents Week – We sent a letter about parents week in the app.  You can view it here.


Still to come

Year/Type of EveningDate
Year 9 Parents' Weekw/c 9th November 2020
Year 12 Parents' Weekw/c 11th January 2021
Year 13 Parents' Weekw/c 25th January 2021
Year 11 Parents' Weekw/c 8th February 2021
Year 9 Pathways Evening25th February 2021
Year 11 Parents' Weekw/c 22nd March 2021
Year 8 Parents' Evening15th April 2021
Year 7 Parents' Evening29th April 2021