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Learning Journeys

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We aim to provide all students with a positive language learning experience which will not only help to develop their communication skills but also their understanding of other cultures. At English Martyrs, we regard language learning as far more than a classroom subject which is why we aim to give students the opportunity to put what they have learnt into practice by organising trips to the countries where the languages are spoken. Knowledge of a foreign language is a vital skill that can broaden students’ horizons and for this reason it is valued greatly by universities and employers alike.

Keystage 3

All students study French from Year 7 with some students studying German and Spanish in Year 9.

Detailed Curriculum Information


AQA GCSE French, German or Spanish  – The new GCSE course builds on the topics studied and the skills developed in Key Stage 3. Throughout the two-year course, students will widen their vocabulary in their chosen language(s), improve their knowledge of grammar as well as develop key communication skills which will assist them in their future career.

Students will take four exams (one in each skill area) at the end of the two-year course. Each of these exams (listening, speaking, reading and writing) will equate to 25% of their overall grade.

Topics of study include family, technology, free-time activities, customs and festivals, home and local area, charity work, environment, holidays, school and future plans. By developing their understanding of each of these topics, students will learn very practical language skills that are highly regarded by both universities and employers.

Students who successfully complete the course will be well-equipped to study their chosen language(s) at the Sixth Form college and/or beyond.

Detailed Curriculum Information

Sixth Form

AQA A Level French, German or Spanish – The new A level course enables students to further develop the skills acquired at GCSE and gain a deeper insight into the countries where the languages are spoken. Students will study a range of cultural and social topics (for example: family and relationships, the digitalisation of society and music). They will be expected to show an understanding of the society in the country/countries where the target language is spoken in relation to these topics.

All students will also study a film and a book in the target language and they will be required to write analytical essays about both as part of the writing exam.

Students complete three examinations at the end of the course. These include:

  • Paper 1 – Listening, reading, writing and translation (worth 50% of the overall mark)
  • Paper 2 – Writing (worth 20%)
  • Paper 3 – Speaking (worth 30%)

Detailed Curriculum Information