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Letter to Parents of Year 7-11 students about the Virtues programme

Dear Parents/Carers,

As all students prepare to come back to school this week, I thought I would take this opportunity to write to you to launch our new ‘Virtues’ programme for the year ahead.

Each student in Y7-11 will have a timetabled lesson once a fortnight this year called Virtues. You may well have already read the information on the Virtues curriculum page via our website with regards to the rationale for these lessons. If not, I would encourage you to do so.

Part of the Virtues programme will include Relationships, Sex and Health Education (RSHE) lessons which become statutory for all schools during this forthcoming academic year. As a school, we will be delivering these lessons via the Tenten theatre company’s provision which meets the statutory requirements and is recommended by the Catholic Education Service (CES).

Tenten have kindly created a parental portal which will enable parents/carers to access the lesson materials in advance, and to further assist the learning of children in the home environment. The information can be found at:- https://www.tentenresources.co.uk/parent-portal/

Username: opp-em-25
Password: rse-parent-brown

The dates of the delivery of the RSHE lessons will be as follows:-

Y7 – January – May 2021.
Y8 – September 2020 – January 2021.
Y9 – September 2020 – January 2021.
Y10 – September 2020 – January 2021.
Y11 – October 2020 – January 2021.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any further information about the Virtues Programme at amorrison@ems.bhcet.org.uk.

Yours Sincerely,
Mr. A. Morrison -Virtues Co-ordinator