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Life in Lockdown Competition Results

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Our penultimate remote house activity was a ‘Life in Lockdown’ Photography competition.  A lot of people will have their own favourite photos, however, we could only pick one photo from each House for Staff & Student competitions.  These were presented to the judges and they ranked them.  We’ve made a montage of most of the entries, which you can watch below and below is how the judges came to their decision.  Well done to everyone who took part!


Staff Competition – Judged by Mr Carless

1st – Anne Line (B.Malcolmson)

Stunning photograph. If it was shown in a newspaper or on TV you would think it was taken by a professional. Brilliant composition, focus on the detail. Nicely shot in high contrast black and white. Good control of depth of field. Just an outstanding image.

2nd – John Boste (K.Smith)

The composition is great. Love the colours and the lighting from the window catching the face of the boy. There is deep thought in the subject and just love the humour in him getting washed and brushing his teeth in the kitchen sink. Brilliant again.

3rd – Margaret Clitherow (M.Walsh)

Sums up everything about this lockdown period and the workers who have given everything. Nice pose, nice composition and nice soft blur in the background.

4th – John Ingram (S.Hope)

lovely photograph. Composition is great with flowers positioned to the right and shallow depth of field giving a nice blur to the house in the background. The colours are lovely and the detail of the water droplets is fantastic and becomes the focal point of the image.

5th – Thomas More (L.Jackson)

Lovely photo again. Nice focus on the detail. Nice control of the depth of field giving a soft blur in the background. Sums up what a lot of people have been doing to occupy their time during lockdown.


Student Competition Result – Judged by Mr Carless & Mr Hope


1st – John Boste (Caitlin Dobson)

Lovely photograph and caught my eye straight away. Sums up the daily exercise perfectly. Lovely composition and position of the dogs in the shot, perfect lighting, nice tilt to the camera. Love it!

2nd – Thomas More (Matilda Tiplady)

Lovely shot. Has obviously taken time to think about and compose the shot considering lighting, reflections and has controlled the depth of field very well, creating a focal point from the rainbow key ring. Very appropriate to the theme also.

3rd – Anne Line (Isaac Parkes)

Beautiful sky. The colours are fabulous. Nice composition with the tree to the left. Very nice image.

4th – Margaret Clitherow (Sophie Wayper)

Great shot. Excellent control of depth of field, creating a focal point from the flower and a soft blur in the background. Nice colour and detail.

5th – John Ingram (Tegan Gillby)

Nice composition and low down viewpoint. The detailed shell in the foreground leads the eye into the picture. Nice control of depth of field with detail in the foreground and soft blur in the background.

All outstanding entries. Make sure you are all doing GCSE Photography in the future!!