• Microsoft Teams will not work through Safari on iPhone, iPad or Mac.  You must use the Microsoft Teams app which can be installed from the App Store
  • Files won’t load and you just get a white screen.  This is usually a cache issue in your browser.  The quickest fix is to use another one. You will have a few already installed on your computer. Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer.
  • Pictures won’t load in assessments.  When you load the form, please give time for the pictures to load before answering the questions.  You can also try right-clicking on the blank box where the image should be and selecting Load Images, however, this may only work in some browsers.  Some depts have now posted the pictures separately too.

Changes to Office 365 in Teams during Coronavirus 

Microsoft is changing the way in which documents open in the platform itself. This is a temporary change just to try and manage the volume of traffic hitting the site every day now and ease the burden on their servers.
From now, when someone opens a document such as Word or PowerPoint file on Teams it will first open in a view mode where you can scroll through the document but don’t have any editing tools. 
To edit the document you’ll need to go to the top right of the bar above the document and select Open in Browser or Open in Desktop App. This will then edit the screen you are more familiar with allowing documents to be edited on the platform.

Saving your Work

Each department is different, however, most departments won’t allow you to upload your finished work to Teams.  If you can’t, then it is ok, just save the work on your computer or email the work to your school email address (your username followed by to keep it nice and safe.

How to access Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is an online learning environment used to share classwork and homework. Teachers add you into their classes and can assign homework tasks or classwork. Students can view, modify and return the tasks online from any computer or even using your mobile phone.

Step 1
Go to the Microsoft Teams website

Step 2
Sign in using your school login details replacing astudent123 with your own school username;
Hit the Next button once you have entered your email.

Step 3
Enter your school computer password on the next screen then click the Sign In button.


Step 4

  • Activity – This section notifies you of any new tasks that have been assigned to you or if a teacher has given you some feedback on work you have handed in.
  • Teams – This shows all of the classes that you have been added into. Teachers can upload files into these areas such as lesson resources or share videos and quizzes with you.
  • Assignments – This button lets you see all of the activities that have been set by teachers for you to complete.
  • Files – You can see any documents here that you have put onto One Drive. This is really helpful when you want to work on your documents at home as well as in school.

Did you know?

All students can gain access to the full Microsoft Office suite of programs at home for free.
Go to for more details.


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