Dear Parents/Carers of Year 11,

Please find the timetable for the November Mock Examinations by clicking here. Can I also take this opportunity to update you on a few areas:

Communication between school and home – can we continue to politely request that you set the parent app settings so that it notifies you of new messages and regularly check the school website. We would really appreciate it if you could check that you have the app, that it is working and that you are familiar with the website. This is where key information will be posted as we strive to move fully to digital communication. If you have any issues or questions about the app, please get in touch with Mr Hope who is more than willing to help (  We have included the link to the website here again for you for the letter which was uploaded for Year Eleven before October half term (

To keep effective communication with you in this important year and in these testing times, we have planned a further window in the Spring Term where parents / carers can liaise with their child’s subject teacher(s) or Head of Department. It is worth noting however that if you ever have a query or question, at any time, please get in touch. Mrs Wilson is the best place to start with that query – her email is:

Mock Examinations – I think we all agree this year has brought many challenges. We do feel that it is the right thing to do to run this mock examination series and that seems to be the consensus amongst secondary schools. Nobody knows what the next two terms will bring and what final decisions will be made. If the government does go to a set of ‘mock examinations’ to be done within schools, then we want our young people to be prepared for that as best they can. They help students develop experience of examination conditions and plays a big part in ascertaining more accurately student progress. This then helps teachers effectively plan to help and support further. Like every year, all we ever ask is that students apply themselves as best they can. Staff are aware of the situation of isolation and absence for many of our students and this will be taken in to account in whatever decisions are made by us this year. I have also included Mrs Irivine’s email if your son /daughter has examination concessions that you may want to discuss (

Curriculum planning – The Heads of Subjects and the staff in departments have worked on mapping out lost curriculum time including the 14 weeks of year 10 that were lost during the national lockdown. They have used the assessment data from July as well as the work this half term to map the best way ahead for the year. As a school we have signed up to the National Tutoring Programme ( and we have also ordered some key GCSE resources for English, Maths and Science to give to all of our Year 11 students. They will be given these guides / work-packs for free in lessons and to keep / use as part of their studies.

Best wishes

Paul Dickson
Deputy Headteacher