School Mission Statement

The English Martyrs Catholic School and Sixth Form College is
Founded On Truth
To learn and live the Gospel values on which our faith is rooted.
Built on Justice
Whereby we judge with integrity and wisdom, and act with mercy and compassion.
Animated by Love
Living in community with each other in fairness and with equality as Jesus teaches us.

Our School

The English Martyrs Catholic School and Sixth Form College is an expanding 11-18 mixed voluntary aided Catholic School which has an excellent reputation throughout the area. The school serves the entire Catholic community of Hartlepool and our catchment area encompasses the whole of Hartlepool LA. As a result, we have a genuinely comprehensive intake which is one of the great strengths of the school.

The Catholic Ethos

The school exists to educate students in the Catholic faith in the widest sense and is committed to represent Christian family values. Its primary aim recognises that it is a faith community, believing that each individual in it is on a pilgrimage of growth. As a Christian community, the school tries to embody Gospel values of love, justice, forgiveness and reconciliation. Decisions concerning the curriculum and relationships will be based on these values. The Governors will expect applicants to contribute to the development and maintenance of this ethos.

Management Structure

The school is run on a Leadership Team basis and comprises of the Headteacher, two Deputy Heads and Assistant Headteachers.   The full team meets at least once per week and all members share fully in consultative decision making.  The Academic Board and Pastoral Board meet each half-term as do the Departments and House Teams.

Mrs G Proudlock – Chair of Governors
Mr S Hammond – Headteacher
Mr P Dickson – Deputy Headteacher
Mr P McMahon – Deputy Headteacher (Safeguarding Lead)
Mrs C Hogarth – Assistant Headteacher
Mrs M Chapman – Assistant Headteacher
Mrs P Clark – Assistant Headteacher (Data Protection Officer)

Pastoral Organisation

The school operates a Year system with the Form Tutor, Pastoral Support Managers. One of the Deputy Heads has a brief for the overall pastoral welfare of all the students. All pupils from Year 7 to Year 11 wear uniform, but Post-16 students are allowed to wear clothing of their own choice, provided that it is smart and sensible. Behaviour throughout the school is very good. Whilst the general atmosphere is friendly and much emphasis is placed upon courtesy and kindness, there is, nevertheless, an underlying firmness of discipline prevailing throughout the school. Relationships, therefore, between the staff and the pupils are extremely good.

Mr P. McMahon -Deputy Headteacher (Safeguarding Lead)
Mrs J Johnson – Pastoral Manager for Year 7
Mr F Hall – Pastoral Manager for Year 8
Mr M Blackwood – Pastoral Manager for Year 9
Mrs T Williamson – Pastoral Manager for Year 10
Mrs R Wilson – Pastoral Manager for Year 11