Calling all intrepid explorers!

With the world the way it is and travel banned it’s unlikely we will be able to run school trips, certainly trips abroad yet. We were so looking forward to our Geography field trip to Sicily in 2020 and so sad to have to cancel! School trips are great. They are an opportunity to see something new, become energised by the excitement and anticipation of learning outside of the classroom and making memories for life with your school friends. Unfortunately, we cannot provide that authentic school trip experience right now, but we have something else up our sleeve, which we think you will enjoy…

All geography students will be given the opportunity to join in with One Planet: The Ultimate School Trip’s 4 separate expeditions to Japan, Italy, Iceland, and Australia. The trips will be leaving on Friday 5th March and your class teachers will guide you through the virtual event on Teams. You are guaranteed a true global learning experience as play lists, books, film recommendations, even phrases to practise along the way, will all support your journey. Not only that, but we are also able to email the expert guides to find out more about the places and people we visit during this live event! Following the expeditions, your class teacher will how you how to enter a competition with amazing prizes to be won for you and your family.

Where can Geography take you? Dream big – there’s always a way!

The Geography Department look forward to you all logging in on Friday.