Careers Guidance

In this vital year of making decisions about your future, our Careers team in school and in the sixth form can be a huge help to settle any worries or concerns you may have. A quick chat with one of our specialist team can help shape your future plans and set you on the path you want to be on.

Our careers team are:

Mrs Joanne Liddell – Head of Careers
Mrs Beverley Scaife – Careers Officer
Mrs Tracy Russell – CIAG Assistant

Good careers guidance is essential for Year 11 students, to enable them to make sound and informed decisions for the future. Our dedicated, qualified and experienced staff provide a comprehensive support programme and resources for our students and their parents, at this essential time. As we understand that access to impartial careers information, direct knowledge of the different pathways and the options available are an essential element to ensure your child makes an informed choice.

Careers events and activities:


  • Year 11 Options, Pathways and Choices Assembly – Students are provided with information about the different options, courses and providers and details about apprenticeships and support on offer. View Slides Here


  • 1:1 Guidance meeting – Each student is offered a careers guidance meeting with our qualified and impartial careers staff to discuss their career ideas and support their plans. 


  • Year 11 Choices event – All local colleges, training providers and apprenticeship training providers are invited into school so students can find out what is available after Y11.


  • Apprenticeship Assembly – Students get more in-depth information on apprenticeships and what they need to do to prepare. 


  • Apprenticeship Drop-in Sessions – Students who intend on making apprenticeship applications this year, sign up for one of the sessions so that they can be shown how to register with the National Apprenticeship website, create their on-line application form & search and apply for vacancies.
  • Parents Evening – A variety of Technical /FE/HE colleges will be available. This gives parents the opportunity to get careers advice and guidance from independent sources and get more information about Technical courses and apprenticeships.  Our Careers staff are also on hand at all parents evenings and key transition events to offer CIAG to students, parents and staff.
  • National Citizenship Service (NCS) Assembly– Students find out about this fabulous summer, community programme and how they can participate.


  • Pre Apprenticeship Preparation Event at HCFE – For students who have applied for an apprenticeship through HCFE they will be invited into the college to attend this invaluable day.  Students will be given guidance and support on a variety of recruitment methods used by employers such as aptitude testing, team building, dexterity and interview techniques.

There’s loads more useful information, college open evenings, websites and contact information on the Careers Page