Keep In Touch! – The Parent App & Social Media

We are always working hard streamlining and improving communication.  We have introduced a new school website, are extremely active on social media channels (details on the picture), and now we are excited to introduce our Parent App.

Available on all smartphones and tablets we use it to push all key information, letters and school reports directly to you

When your child starts school in September we will issue every parent with an individual ID and PIN code which will link you to your children in the app.  From there you can monitor your child’s attendance, achievement & behaviour whenever you wish and reports are sent there directly. There’s a direct link to Parent Pay, the system we use for paying for meals and trips. The app is synced with our systems at around 5:30 pm each evening bringing you everything you need to know on a daily basis.

It’s getting better all the time! The App is essential for at least one parent in each household.

The good news is you can set this up now!  Click Here to find full instructions on how to download and set up the App and to watch a demo video of its current features.