Each academic year we hold an information for parents of Year 8 students.  Due to the current guidelines we are unable to allow parents on site so we have added everything we wanted to share with you onto the website.

Firstly thanks again for all your help during the national lock down.

Subject areas analysed the assessments students did at the end of lock down to help them plan for the new academic year. This involved reviewing subject areas where students found more challenging in order to plan for the year ahead as best we can. Your help with that process was invaluable.


New Pastoral Manager

Now your child is in Year 8 – they have a new Pastoral Manager.  Mr Hall will now be supporting your child though their time at EMS until the end of Year 11.

You can contact Mr Hall via email – fhall@ems.bhcet.org.uk or by dialling 01429 273790 and selecting Option 2



Changes to Assessment & Reporting

At EMS we are always trying to improve and respond to changes in education. From this year we are improving our assessment, recording and reporting system even further. This is on the back of some great contributions from our Parents’ Forum and school evaluation linked to how we best support our students and promote their well-being as best we can.

In a nutshell: Progress Reviews for Years 7-9 each term will not receive grades such as 2+ or 4- etc (we will still have this data) but rather report a qualitative code which will be;

  • N – not yet on target
  • A – almost on target
  • M – Meeting their targets
  • E – Exceeding their predicted target.

We are hoping to have these changes ready for the first round of reports just before Christmas.


Target Setting

Along with the changes to reporting, we are moving to a new way of setting targets for students.

Our target setting will move to FFT’20 (this is a national data tool) which sets targets for students based on KS2 scaled scores. It is still aspirational and means that based on KS2 scaled scores only 1 in 5 of similar students will achieve that at the end of year 11.

For example: A student with a KS2 reading scaled score of 90-100 out of 120 would have a FFT’20 target at the end of Year 11 of a Grade 4

  • A scaled score of 100 – 104 aim for a Grade 5
  • A scaled score of 105 – 109 aim for a Grade 6
  • A scaled score of 110 – 115 aim for a Grade 7
  • A scaled score of 116 – 120 aim for a Grade 8+

Maths scaled KS2 scores are similar and all subjects have FFT’20 targets set.

As always, targets are not absolute and we will listen and work with parents where necessary about their individual child and their targets.


Keep In Touch

In this time of uncertainty, communication is more important than ever.  We are very busy on social media and we have our Parent App and Website.

The App is essential for at least one parent in each household.

If you are still not setup on the app,  Click Here to find full instructions on how to download and set up the App and to watch a demo video of its current features. If you need any help, please email Mr Hope – shope@ems.bhcet.org.uk and he’ll have you up and running in no time.


Important Dates for Year 8

Year 8 Parents Evening – This is scheduled for Thursday 15th April 2021.
HPV Injections (1st Dose) – Thursday 10th June 2021

We are hoping that these dates will be set with them being well into next year, however, with the current climate these may change.  We will let you know closer to the time.



Students have missed a lot of time at school. Please help to not miss anymore by taking them out of school in Term Time. We publish the school holidays well in advance and they are available on our website under the Parent section or via this link. https://ems.bhcet.org.uk/parent/holidays/