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RE Club trip to Thornaby Gurdwara

Category : News , Religious Education


On Wednesday 13th November, after school, six students from our school RE club and four members of staff had the great pleasure of going on a visit to Thornaby Gurdwara to learn about and see how Sikhs worship.

They were met by a volunteer from the Sikh community- Mr Tarlock Singh who gave a very detailed presentation on the origins and practice of Sikhism. We were also treated to a Sikh “Langar” snack. As it is very important to welcome guests with food and to always be hospitable this is an essential part of Sikhism. We enjoyed traditional pakoras and samosas and other homemade foods and also chocolate biscuits and juice.

After the presentation, we were taken to the top floor which is a traditional prayer room. We were very privileged to be able to see an end of day service which was lead by a Sikh priest. At this ceremony, the Guru Granth Sahib (the Jewish holy book) is put to bed. Both students and staff got to actually see this process and to ask about it. We were then given a gift of a banana to take home!

We are very grateful to Mr Singh and his community for the amazing experience and for making us feel so very welcome.

There’s a selection of pictures in the Gallery