Course Overview

We are right in the middle of a tech skills shortage with the growing number of jobs in the field of Computer Science massively outpacing the number of skilled workersentering the industry.

This course is ideal for students with an enthusiasm for learning how computers operate at machine level and to develop a greater understanding of programming environments. You’ll acquire deep logical thinking skills and place yourself at the forefront of developments, gaining a thorough knowledge of emerging technologies.

The course is taught using a mixture of practical and theory lessons. Practical lessons will involve a range of individual activities to allow development of key programming skills. Theory sessions will include a mixture of group work and independent study opportunities.

During the first year you will study the following topics; Computing Principles and Algorithms and Problem Solving

These units will give you a deep understanding of many key theoretical aspects of the course while also allowing you to develop programming skills in a variety of languages including: Visual Basic, JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

You will then study three further topics in Year 13; Computer Systems, Algorithms and Programming and Programming Project

The first two topics build on the knowledge and understanding from the units covered in year 12, delivering a greater level of comprehension. The programming project allows you to plan and implement a solution to a real-world problem, which you identify yourself, to create an effective solution using a broad range of programming skills.

This course will give you an excellent grounding in fundamental programming skills and techniques, problem solving and deep knowledge of the legal and ethical issues around computer systems.

If you are hoping to forge a career in the ever-developing Computer Science industry through further study at degree level or a higher-level apprenticeship, then this course will provide direct access to both pathways. We also promote participation in the government’s cyber security programme led by GCHQ and there are various opportunities to get involved in this.

Entry Requirements

All students wishing to study Computer Science at A level should have a minimum of a grade 6 in Maths at GCSE due to the level of computational thinking required to complete the course.

No formal Computing or ICT based qualification is required for entry; however, you may find some concepts easier to understand if you’ve studied Computer Science previously at GCSE level.

Detailed Course Information