Course Overview

“If you are going to get anywhere in life you have to read a lot of books.” -R. Dahl

This course aims to broaden your understanding of genre through reading and analysing a range of challenging literary texts; focusing initially on the concept of tragedy, you will explore seminal texts from canonised tomes to contemporary classics.

You will find this course: rewarding, enriching and exciting. You will develop skills in both written and spoken English and you will also learn how to read texts closely and discuss a wide range of issues.

Literature is life, and all aspects of humanity are under the microscope in this consideration of poetry, prose and drama. You will be required to work independently and think critically as well as show your creative side.

This course will be taught using a range of learning and teaching activities including: teacher and student led lessons, presentations, group work, independent study and research.

The course is taught by Literature specialists and is an extremely popular course with excellent results.

At A level you will complete two examinations and produce a coursework folder of two essays. You will also be asked to keep a Reading Journal throughout the course. You must read the core course texts but you should also read widely around the subject, every text is a product of its context, the debate of which is often as intense as it is intriguing. Students often go on to study Literature at university feeling fully prepared and ready for the challenge.

Entry Requirements

In order to be considered for this course you must have a grade 6 at GCSE level in both English Language and English Literature.

Detailed Course Information