Course Overview

Through language learning, students acquire a deeper understanding and awareness of different cultures.

The four skill areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing developed at GCSE will be extended further through the study of current topical materials in French, German or Spanish.

he ability to communicate in a foreign language is highly regarded by both universities and employers. Language learning helps develop key communication, interpersonal and problem solving skills that are highly valued in the work place.

Students study a range of topics relating to France, Germany or Spain which includes: current trends, artistic culture, multiculturalism and aspects of political life.

Grammatical competence is developed throughout and by the end of the course students will be able to communicate effectively and spontaneously in the language.

In the second year, an individual research project allows students to focus on an area of personal interest and further develop their linguistic and cultural awareness independently.

The courses are taught by three specialist teachers and students are also provided with a mini iPad so that they have access to authentic listening and reading materials and to encourage independent learning. During the course students usually have the opportunity to take part in an overseas visit to develop their language skills and experience the culture of the country first hand.

The course is assessed by external examinations:

  • Paper 1 – Listening and reading (40%)
  • Paper 2 – Writing (30%)
  • Paper 3 – Speaking (30%)

Listening exams are completed independently in formal exam conditions using an MP3 player.

An A level in a foreign language is always highly regarded by universities. Students frequently continue their study of a language, often combining it with another discipline such as History, Maths, Accountancy, Business or Linguistics. It is increasingly common to include a language module in a wide range of degree courses.

Entry Requirements

In order to study a language at A level students will normally be required to have grade 5 in that language at GCSE and have preferably sat higher papers.

Detailed Curriculum Information