Course Overview

Further Mathematics is a challenging qualification which both extends and deepens your knowledge and understanding beyond the standard A level Mathematics

In addition to the skills developed in A level Mathematics, you will develop further algebra techniques and study topics such as: matrices, complex numbers, mathematical proof, and different equations in the Pure Mathematics modules as well as some Applied Mathematics.

In your first year you will study a mixture of Pure Mathematics and Decision. The Pure Mathematics content will build upon the algebra skills developed in A level Mathematics and you will be introduced to complex numbers, matrices, vectors and mathematical proof. The Decision Mathematics studied in the first year of the course will focus mainly on algorithms, network problems, game theory and linear programming.

In your second year you will move on to study complex numbers and vectors in greater detail along with differential equations and group theory. This will be supported by further study of Statistics and/or Mechanics in addition to that covered in the A level Mathematics. If you wish to study Mathematics at university, it is strongly recommended that you study Further Mathematics at A level as some universities have it as a requirement.

The Mathematics A level course is assessed at the end of 2 years of study and is 100% exam. During the course students will sit regular internal assessments (at least 1 per half term) as well as completing weekly homework.

Entry Requirements

It is expected that students have achieved GCSE Maths at grade 8 or above.

Students who wish to follow this course should do so alongside Mathematics A level.

Detailed Course Information