Course Overview

This course gives students an understanding of all aspects of the discipline and combines it with the opportunity to specialise in the performance of Drama, Dance, Music and Theatre Production.

Performing Arts allows you to be creative and imaginative within performance and portfolio work. You gain a greater understanding of the arts and will challenge yourself within art forms.

The subject is a blend of practical and written assessments. You will be encouraged to demonstrate your skills and talents.

Within the first year you will develop practical skills, understand how to apply these into the industry, and explore the importance of the arts within the community. The second year course contains two units. The first one involves working independently on solo performances, and the second is developing your knowledge of practitioners and working with your peers. Examination units are externally set by the examination board and internally and externally assessed.

The course is designed with the work place in mind: with refreshing and exciting content that is up to date and fit for purpose. It is particularly suitable for students who want to take the pathway of acting, dance, music and theatre production.

You will practically apply your skills and knowledge in preparation for future study or the workplace. As well as developing technical and performance skills, you will also develop theoretical knowledge and understanding to underpin your skills.

You will be equipped with the skills to be able to research, apply elements to your own performance and set out project proposals. You will gain a range of transferable skills that will underpin freelance work in your chosen field.

The course is extremely popular with excellent results. Students have gone on to higher education courses at university or performing arts schools as well as taking up freelance opportunities.

During the course, there are opportunities to take part in musicals, trips to the theatre to see professional shows, workshops and visits from professionals in the industry and many extracurricular groups.

Entry Requirements

GCSE grade 4 or above in English Language and any experience within the arts. A grade 9-4 in Drama, Dance or Music preferred but a GCSE in these areas is not essential.

Detailed Course Information