Logging In

Students can access their School Email, Teams, use and download Office from anywhere.

  • To access browse to http://login.microsoftonline.com
  • Enter your school email address – your computer username followed by @emsstudent.bhcet.org.uk e.g. jbloggs123@emsstudent.bhcet.org.uk
  • In the next logon box, log in with your computer username and password.

If you need your password resetting during the Coronavirus pandemic, then please email shope@ems.bhcet.org.uk and he will reset for you.


Need more help?

Here’s a demo Of the logon process and a guide to Office 365




Not letting you log in?  If you are in years 8-13, chances are your device is trying to sign you into the old system.  This is the most common error.  Don’t worry – here’s how to fix!

  • Teams app on a phone/tablet – the easiest way to fix the issue is to delete the app and re-install, then login with your new details.
  • On a laptop – If you normally use Google Chrome, try using Microsoft Edge or another browser.  This won’t have cached credentials or keychain which will be trying to use your old account details.