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Dear Parents/Carers of Year 6 Students,

We’ve created this page on the website which will now become our central news bulletin for anything Transition.  Check back from time to time and we will keep updating.

Also, you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram, where we share the latest updates too.


To launch our new page here is a welcome video from Mr Dickson


Greetings from Year 7 Students

We know your children will be nervous about leaving primary school and joining EMS, our current Year 7 students were the same last year.  Good news, there's nothing to worry about. Here's Fern and Jacob to tell you why.

Meet your Pastoral Manager

From September 2021, the Year 7 Pastoral Manager will be Mr Hutchinson.  He is a former student of the school and knows exactly how your children will be feeling. Here’s a welcome video from him.

A Quick Tour of EMS

Year 6, here’s a quick snapshot tour of the school. We haven’t taken you around every corridor as they all look the same but here’s a quick look around with Mr Hope.

Tutor Group Lists

Please see the link below with a list of students and which tutor groups you will be going into.  Every student should be identifiable using their initials, gender and feeder primary.

This information is also in your packs which will be with you very soon.

Tutor Group Lists

Meet the Year 7 Tutors

Meet Your Tutors!! Year 6, here is a little welcome video from most of your tutors who will be looking after you for five years at EMS. Unfortunatley there's no message from Mrs Hannah (JI2) and Mrs Ryder (7AL2) as they won't be in school until September.

Tutor One to One Sessions

Exciting news !!

Year 6 students may arrange a short face to face virtual meeting with their new form tutor via “Microsoft Teams” to say hello and introduce themselves.

The email addresses for staff are as follows;

7JB1 – Mr Holly – pholly@ems.bhcet.org.uk
7JB2 – Mr Morrison – amorrison@ems.bhcet.org.uk

7MC1 – Miss Sanderson – jsanderson@ems.bhcet.org.uk
7MC2 – Mr Cooksey – jcooksey@ems.bhcet.org.uk

7JI1 – Mrs Stanwick – sstanwick@ems.bhcet.org.uk
7JI2 – Mrs Hannah - lhannah@ems.bhcet.org.uk

7AL1 – Mr Brown –peter.brown@ems.bhcet.org.uk
7AL2 – Mrs Ryder won't be with us until September so we can't offer this for her group I'm afraid.

7TM1 – Mrs Diamond – cdiamond@ems.bhcet.org.uk
7TM2 – Mrs Downing – adowning@ems.bhcet.org.uk

There is no obligation to do this, but please feel free to say “hello”

Please contact your child’s form teacher via email in advance to arrange a meeting

For safeguarding reasons this must be arranged by a parent or guardian, who must be present when the meeting takes place.

Any requests for Teams meetings must be made in advance and should be arranged between Monday 12th and Friday 16h July.

We look forward to meeting all new year seven students on Monday 6th September at 8.45am

Meet our School Chaplain

Anne-Marie is our resident school chaplain, she organises lots of fun retreats, masses and activities! She really wanted to say hello, so here she is!

The House System

Our House system is a huge part of life at EMS.

All students and staff are attached to a house in school. This creates a healthy competition and pushes students to succeed. Points are awarded for various events throughout the year, however, the main core of the points come from:

  • Attendance per half term from the house as a whole
  • Students who achieve 100% Attendance per half term
  • Achievement points which students are awarded for exceptional work or attitude shown around school

Each house has a House Leader and the five house leaders create the House Team. They organise the events and are another level of support for our students.

As well as smaller trophies for events, there are five House Trophies up for grabs each year.

  • The House Point Shield awarded to the house with the most collective points across the whole year.
  • The Sports Cup awarded to the house who has the most points across all sporting events throughout the year.
  • The Sports Day Shield awarded to the house who collects the most points on Sports Day.
  • The Attendance Cup awarded to the House with the best collective Attendance throughout the year
  • The Achievement Point Cup awarded to the House with the best collective amount of achievement points throughout the year

Here's Mr Corcoran, house leader for St. Thomas More with a quick hello.

Learning Resource Centre

Mrs Healy is our school librarian and looks after our Learning Resource Centre.  Mrs Healy has a real passion for books and runs lots of literacy competitions.  She also has a team of Student Librarians! We're sure that is something some of you would love to get involved with.  Here she is with a quick hello.

Useful Links

All the information you need about life at EMS is on the website, however, here's a set of quick links to everything.

Transition Booklet
Transition Letters
School Holidays
EMS Parent App (My ED)
Accelerated Reader
House Teams