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Our school uniform is an important expression of our pride in ourselves as a school and we expect all students to be in correct uniform. Teacher time spent challenging uniform distracts from our principal purpose of teaching and learning. The details for the school uniform for September are set out below and can also be found on the school website. The school has used the DfE non‐statutory guidance on school uniform and agrees with guidance given in the DfE booklet which states; ‘The school uniform plays a valuable role in contributing to the ethos of a school and setting an appropriate tone. The Department strongly encourages schools to have a uniform as it can instil pride; support positive behaviour and discipline; encourage identity with, and support for, school ethos; ensure pupils of all races and backgrounds feel welcome; protect children from social pressures to dress in a particular way”

With this in mind, we are making specific changes to improve the current standard of uniform being worn by students in the school to ensure that we have a cost-effective, smart uniform that is followed consistently by all of our student body.

We will insist that all students wear formal plain black shoes. We will provide all parents with a catalogue which shows the type of shoe which will be acceptable but in broad principle, it would be the type of shoe one would wear to an interview, or other formal occasions rather than those designed to look like trainers. We have a guide of Acceptable Shoes in conjunction with Wyndors.  View the EMS/Wyndors guide to shoes here

From September 2019, we introduced a new range of school ties. The new ties will feature two sets of red stripes and two stripes that represent the House your child is in.  There will also be a new Prefect tie.  These can be seen in the image below.


As the school tie will feature the house colours, all blazers purchased from our Uniform Supplier will only have the school badge embroidered on the pocket. Students are welcome to wear the older style blazer and these will be phased out in time.

Parents of students in Year 6 who are joining us in September 2021 – details of what house your child will be in will be issued around transition week.


Once you know your child’s/children’s house, you can order uniform.  Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 situation, our suppliers have cancelled the scheduled Pop Up Shops/Sizing Events until further notice.  Ordering is being completed online or over the telephone.

Log onto www.trutexdirect.com and register using our schools’ LEA code: LEA01006SC. This will take you to the English Martyrs school uniform page, where you can see all items of our school uniform. The site is secure and orders can be placed quickly and safely, direct with Trutex. Alternatively, you can order from Trutex Direct by phone, call 01200 421206.

View the 2021 EMS/Trutex brochure here

The brochure contains a detailed size guide so parents can measure children at home, also items can be returned and exchanged should they have difficulties once they arrive directly via Trutex.

To ensure delivery for September, order by

Monday 2nd August


Main School Uniform

The regulation uniform is as follows, items in bold are compulsory items to be bought from Trutex:

  • White School Shirt (cotton or polyester/cotton)
  • EMS School Tie
  • Black Trousers (not jeans)
  • Black Skirt (A‐line, flared or pleated of a knee-length) to be worn with plain opaque black
    tights. (Skirts with front or side splits must not be worn)
  • EMS Black Blazer with Embroidered Badge
  • EMS School Jumper (optional)
  • Formal Plain Black School Shoes
  • Anorak or Coat (no denim jackets, tracksuit tops or hoodies)

P.E. Kit

The PE Kit is as follows:

  • Long-sleeved reversible top with house colours
  • Short-Sleeved red/black T‐shirt
  • Plain black shorts (not cycling shorts) – A small logo is permitted on shorts but otherwise must be plain
  • Black football socks
  • Trainers (appropriate for sport)
  • Bobble for long hair

Optional PE Kit includes:

  • Football boots
  • Base Layers (red or black)
  • Plain black tracksuit bottoms or sports legging – A small logo is permitted but otherwise must be plain


Hairstyles are expected to be reasonable with no obvious artificial colouring. Hairstyles incorporating shapes/patterns/stripes or lines are not acceptable. Any student attending with an unacceptable hairstyle will be unable to access lessons in the normal way until this has been attended to. This action is to save the student involved from possible humiliation and embarrassment and to maintain high standards. Similar action will be taken with regards to shaved eyebrows, body piercing and tattoos. Students must be clean‐shaven unless for reasons of religious observance.


Students may wear one small stud in each ear lobe. There is a risk of accidental injury from wearing jewellery in the academy and we cannot take responsibility for loss or damage to items of jewellery.

Make- Up

The wearing of make‐up, nail varnish and false nails is not allowed.

We believe that adherence to school rules regarding uniform is critical to reinforcing our Behaviour and Attendance policy. If a student comes to school in non-compliant uniform, we will attempt to contact parents/ guardians in an effort to bring about a simple remedy, which may lead to the student being sent home to collect a blazer or pair of shoes that are at home. In such cases, we would always consult with parent/ guardians and insist that the student returned to school without delay.