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Y10 Health and Social Work Experience

Category : App Only Letters

Dear Parent/Carer,

Y10 Health and Social Work Experience

As part of your child’s Health and Social Care course they require to complete a one-week work experience placement. The dates for this years’ work experience has been arranged for:

Monday 14th March to Friday 18th March 2022

As part of this placement we require you to complete and return the following work experience documents:

Form 1 Parental Consent – Provides the necessary parental consent for students to go out on placement. LINK: https://forms.office.com/r/J9AMpXBJw6
Form 2 Placement ‘Self Find’ – to be completed by placement provider – ONLY for students who have sourced their own placement. Students will receive a hardcopy version of this document.

If you can help to support your child to secure a placement via a ‘self-find’ placement, that would be very helpful, as placement offers have been reduced this year due to the pandemic.

1. Please complete and return form 1 immediately via the link above (hard copies are available from the careers department on request).
2. If you secure a placement for your child the deadline for completed and returned ‘Self Find’ (form 2) is Friday the 14th January 2022.

As part of your child’s preparations they have discussed and agreed to the work experience requirements and expectations during their placement. A copy of these are shown on page two of this document. Please discuss these with your child and support them to meet these expectations.

Thank you for your continued support.
Ms Liddell
Head of Careers and Work-Related Learning

STUDENT WORK EXPERIENCE AGREEMENT (parent copy for information)
Your child has discussed and agreed to the following:
This agreement explains the arrangements and expectations of the placement during your child’s time during their Y10 work placement.
You and your child will receive confirmation of their placement details, closer to the placement date.
They have agreed to follow all rules and guidance from their employer during your placement. This is to safeguard them and also the children/residents in the placement.
These rules include:

oNo carrying or using of a mobile phone in the placement premises
oNo leaving the placement during working hours. To bring a packed lunch as they are not allowed out of placement for lunch
oTo adhere to the appropriate business dress-code, Black trousers, school placement t-shirt, covered flat shoes and no makeup, false nails or eyelashes
oFollow all instructions of the staff in a respectful and friendly manner
oMaintain confidentiality in the workplace and not discuss school matters to non-staff
oIf they are worried or have concerns or are unsure to speak to a school colleague
oTo complete all tasks and school/coursework set to the best of my ability
If they are ill you as their guardian MUST call both English Martyrs and the placement, giving explanation of absence and anticipated length of illness no later than 8:30 am on the day of absence.

They understand and agree that if they fail to adhere to the rules and guidelines of this agreement or to any reasonable request of the employer, that they may be removed from the placement with immediate effect, and that this will immediately cancel the placement. In these instances, if there is an issue the placement will call English Martyrs who will make arrangements on your collection from the placement.

Mrs Bell will make regular checks with the placement provider to ensure that your child is settled and working within the agreement and that they are happy with their progress. Any concerns will be discussed with Mrs Walsh and the placement provider, and may impact on the continuation of the placement.