Dear Parents/Carers of Year 11,

Firstly, can I say how delighted we are with the way that the Year Eleven students have applied themselves in what has been an extraordinary start to the academic year. We are really pleased with the way that they have settled into the routines. Thank you again for all of your support, help and understanding in all the areas that have cropped up already. Please continue to use the school website and parent app as key tools / ways of keeping abreast of key messages and information. We all remain unsure what next summer may look like. The need for all students to focus / work from the outset is more important than ever. The way that students applied themselves in July in our Academic Mentoring sessions was testament to how diligent our young people are.

To keep that communication and support going we have planned two opportunities in the Autumn and Spring Terms where parents / carers can liaise with their child’s subject teacher or Head of Department. It is worth noting however that if you ever have a query or question, at any time, please get in touch. Mrs Wilson is the best place to start with that query – her email is:

On our website we will place all subject teachers’ emails if you need to contact them to check anything about your son / daughter’s progress or ask for further information. Each subject will also place some generic information pertinent to that group of students for that group. Similar to what we would do in person normally (pre-Covid).  You can access this information by clicking here.

At the moment we plan to do our usual November series of Mock Examinations and we will share this information with you soon.

I have included some key staff emails below also if you need to contact them. It is really important that every student can access their school account at home (Office 365 such as TEAMS and outlook for emails). Please let us know if you have any issues with remote learning so we can see what ways we can help further. If you are still struggling with remote access, there’s lots of help on the website here or please email Mr S Hope –

Mrs S Irvine (SENDco) –
Mr P Dickson (Deputy Headteacher – Standards and Student Outcomes) –
Mr P McMahon (Deputy Headteacher – Behaviour, Attendance & Safety) –
Miss V Parker ( Teacher leading on exam wellbeing and preparation) –
Mr P Holly (11JB1 Tutor) –
Mr A Morrison (11JB2 Tutor) –
Miss J Sanderson (11MC1 Tutor) –
Mr J Cooksey (11MC2 Tutor) –
Mr N Day / Mrs Stanwick (11JI1 Tutor) –
Mrs L Hannah (11JI2 Tutor) –
Mr P Brown (11AL1 Tutor) –
Mr D Fender (11AL2 Tutor) –
Mrs C Diamond (11TM1 Tutor) –
Mr G Carswell (11TM2 Tutor) –
Mr L Murray (Head of Maths) –
Mrs Asensio (Head of KS4 English) –
Mr Baker (Head of Science) –
Mr Dunn (Head of Religious Studies) –

Rather than write all other key emails, I will put the rest on the website in each subject area. As a rule, if you know the name of the staff member then their first initial and surname suffixed by will work.

Careers support is an integral part of our student’s education. Access to impartial guidance and our local colleges / training providers are essential elements of this.

Normally during parent and information evenings you would have access to our experienced careers team and we would invite our local representatives into school. Unfortunately this year we are unable to do this. To maintain your access to their information we have compiled a presentation containing all of our college’s general information and links to their websites. Which we will send to you in the coming weeks.

If you or your child have any careers questions or concerns, please email our careers team who will happy to help.

Finally, if your son / daughter is keen to know more about the first-class provision at EMS6, then please also contact Mrs Hogarth who will be happy to help –

Applications for September 2021 are open now via the website

Best wishes

Paul Dickson
Deputy Headteacher