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Year 12 Geography Field Trip Letter

Dear Parent/Carer

The new AQA A Level specification requirements are that all students will spend 4 days in the field collecting data to complete their NEA project. The Geography Fieldwork Investigation, also known as the Non-Examined Assessment (NEA), is an Independent Investigation, worth 20% of the A-level.

Students will complete the first two fieldwork ‘taster days’ on Thursday 8th July and Friday 9th July. The Human Fieldwork will take place in Durham and the Physical fieldwork will take place at Coatham Sands sand dunes, near Redcar. Students will be transported in the school minibus.

We will be leaving school at 9am on both days and will return for 3pm. Students will be working outdoors and must be dressed appropriately for potential inclement weather. Students will certainly require a packed lunch for the sand dune fieldwork day as there will not be anywhere to purchase food. Plenty of drinks must be carried by students. Students must ensure that they carry all personal medications on their person – inhalers for example. Decisions about which location will be visited on which day will be decided by the weather forecast

Students must take this fieldwork experience very seriously as their final result depends on the quality learning taking place on these two days.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me at the school.
Mrs A Martindale
Head of Geography.