Dear Year 13,

This is not at all how any of us expected today would be. I look forward very much to the Y13 Leavers Mass every year and hopefully, we can still celebrate at a later date. It’s different from every other celebration that we have at English Martyrs because this really is the end of your school and college life. You all come in dressed smart, there’s great excitement and sheer joy and the rest of the school look at you all in amazement – what a great example you set them on a day like today.

What lies ahead of you is a big wide world with abundant opportunity. It may not feel like that right now with so much uncertainty. You’re probably enjoying the free time and for some, not sitting your exams is a huge relief. For others, there may be worry, anxiety and bewilderment. In the words of scripture, I encourage you, do not be afraid.

Like I said to Year 11, your results do not define you, there is a plan for your life, you will still achieve great and wonderful things. For now – we have to live with this pandemic, but please be kind and gentle to yourself. There is lots of help out there if you need it and people to talk to. Please access that help if it’s something you feel you could benefit from.

The Gospel below is taken from today’s Mass, and the words couldn’t be more fitting. I wish that today, you could celebrate with your friends, that you could be laughing with each other and making those memories. Maybe today you can do that with your families. May this little reflection that we have put together bring you some joy. Some of the teacher comments are sure to make you laugh.

Never give up hope. Nobody can take your joy, your faith or your hope so take consolation in those today.

Know of my prayers for you all, please stay in touch. Thank you for being part of my journey for the last 2/7 years. May God’s blessing be upon all of you in abundance today and always.

Anne Marie


The Holy Spirit will teach you everything and remind you of all that I have said to you. (Jn 14)

A Reading from the Gospel according to John (16:20-23)

Jesus said to his disciples:

‘I tell you solemnly, you will be weeping and wailing while the world will rejoice;

you will be sorrowful, but your sorrow will turn to joy.

A woman in childbirth suffers, because her time has come;

but when she has given birth to the child she forgets the suffering

in her joy that a man has been born into the world.

So it is with you: you are sad now, but I shall see you again,

and your hearts will be full of joy,

and that joy, no one shall take that from you.

When that day comes, you will not ask me any questions.”

The Gospel of the Lord.


Colleen Proudlock’s Prayers

Dear Lord,

We thank you for each other,

our friends and family and the relationships we’ve made,

may they continue to be strong and supportive especially during this difficult time.

Lord in your mercy,

Hear our prayer.


Dear Lord,

we pray for our futures.

may we be successful, brave, loving and kind.

Please guide us through life and help us through

life and help us to make the best possible decisions for both us

and the people around us.

May we never be alone

Lord in your mercy,

Hear our prayer.


Mr Hammond

Where your treasure is, there’s your heart

Where your mind is, there’s your life

Where your hopes are, there you will go

Dream your dreams well.


A reflection by Megan Atkinson

I was nervous to start my time at EMS in Year 12 as the “new girl”, scared that I wouldn’t be able to make any friends. However, students and teachers made me feel a part of the EMS community. I don’t think I have ever laughed and smiled so much despite the revision and exam stress that A-levels bring. Although college was stressful at times, it was a place where unforgettable memories and friendships were made. Despite the Coronavirus cutting our college experience short, this past year and a half has been fun and full of joy. I hope everyone gets the grades they deserve and the university place they have put so much hard work and effort into. Good luck for the future.


Spoiler Alert!

Teacher/tutor comments follow – most of these will be in the Yearbook so if you don’t want to ruin the surprise then don’t read on.